Weekend Announcements

Pentecost Sunday | May 19, 2024

Please note the front of the Bulletin on the National Eucharistic Procession that is coming to St Vincent de Paul July 1 and 2 and how you can be involved.   Also, please remember to RSVP for the ordination of Fr Hoffmann on June 1 and the celebration of his Masses of Thanksgiving on June 2.  We need your attendance and help at the celebrations on June 2. And again on July 1 and 2.  It is a Spirit filled summer and we need to cooperate with the amazing graces God is showering on our parish this summer.   Thanks for all you will be doing.   We are blessed to be part of so much!


A couple of details about these upcoming events:

  • There are 21 spots left for a ride to and from the ordination and reception on one of our two mini-buses. A $25 check payable to St Vincent de Paul with Ordination Ride in the Memo line of your check given to the parish office reserves your spot on the mini-bus.
  • To help with the events on July 1 and 2, just tear the sheet down the center; turn in the one side stating the ways you want to be involved and keep the other side so you now all the activities happening in the diocese while the National Eucharistic Procession is passing through our diocese.
  • Scan the QR codes that are on the doors leaving church today.


Keep the bulletin as a souvenir of our pre-k graduates and our senior graduates. Continue to hold our Seniors in Prayer as they celebrate Baccalaureate mass at noon and graduation at 2pm tomorrow/today.  Our 8th graders advance to freshmen after their graduation during Mass on Monday evening 7:30pm at Sacred Heart Chapel.

The Ascension of the Lord | May 12, 2024

Please read the front of the bulletin about the ordination and reception of soon to be Fr Hoffmann on June 1 and his Masses of Thanksgiving, Corpus Christi procession and the parish picnic Priesthood reception to take place on Sunday June 2.  This is a huge parish celebration and we need your involvement and to be part of it.

Keep our seniors in prayer this week as they begin their last full week of school with us. There is a lot packed into each day this week and it is important they are attentive to all that is happening in present as they prepare for future.

Let us pray a blessing over our mothers who are here today.  Please feel free to purchase a rose for her on your way out of church.

Sixth Sunday of Easter | May 5, 2024

Open Door is suffering from a substantial food shortage in large part because they are not getting the necessary resources from the Food Bank. Those in need has not decreased. I invite everyone that when you go grocery shopping to pick up a few items and take it directly to Open Door.  Let’s do what we can.  It was suggested by some that Sacred Heart School hold another food drive, but with only two weeks of school left, one of which is finals week and that we have already had three food drives this academic year, the principal with my support and encouragement declined the initiative for this to be a school event. If you saw an invitation or request to partake from the school, that invitation was sent out in haste and is not sanctioned by the school. So, I ask the parish as a whole and not just a ministry of the parish to help out as you are able.

We really need to focus on this next announcement.  Deacon Christopher Hoffmann will be ordained a priest at 10:30am June 1 at the Cathedral of St Joseph in Jefferson City along with Gregory Kleever ordained to the transitional diaconate.  We want everyone from our parish to attend this milestone celebration for him, his family, our parish, our diocese and the whole church.   Look inside the bulletin for the QR code to RSVP for the reception. You can go to the Mass without RSVP The RSVP gets you downstairs afterwards for the reception.  Some do not like to RSVP on line or with QR codes. In that case, please stop by the sign up sheets in the back of church and print your name clearly with contact information and we will take care of your RSVP.   We’re not done yet…. The next day, June 2, Fr Hoffmann will celebrate his Masses of Thanksgiving; 10am English at Sacred Heart and 11:30 Spanish at St Patrick.  We will honor our annual Corpus Christi Procession and Fr Hoffmann will carry the Blessed Sacrament and lead us in Benediction and Reposition at Sacred Heart. Following Reposition, we will go to McGremlin Gym for a fun-filled parish picnic Priesthood Ordination Celebration Reception.  Again, you do not need to RSP to attend either Mass, but we do need to know who is going to the dinner at McGremlin Gym. Please RSVP also in the bulletin or a sign up sheet in the back of church.   This is a lot of information, so we are going to try to make mention of it from here until it happens. Please speak to your friends about it; we are looking at carpooling or transportation and we will let the parish know soon about that, too.

Fifth Sunday of Easter | April 28, 2024

7:30pm Mass, bring your seeds for growing next weekend and we will bless them in honor of St. Isidore, patron of farmers.

This is the last weekend to order Divine Mercy signs and magnets. If you have ordered them please pick up the signs and magnets from the Office Rectory.  Thank you to everyone who has participated.

Next weekend we celebrate First Communions at all weekend Masses.  Please plan accordingly. Right now the Masses with the least amount of First Communions scheduled are 7:30pm and 8am.  We pray for and are happy so many will be making their first communion this coming weekend!

Check out the bulletin for a way to order Mother’s Day roses.

Pray for our Sacred Heart Junior High students:

May 1, 6th graders are joining other schools for 6th grade vocation day in Columbia; the seventh graders are going to the Midwest March for Life in Jefferson City and on May 2, the 8th graders are joining the other 8th graders in Catholic Schools from across the diocese for the 8th grade Mass and reception with the bishop in Jefferson City.

If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary in April, please stand for a blessing.

Fourth Sunday of Easter | April 21, 2024

Please be seated as I invite a member of the congregation to come forward and speak to us about the Pro-Life Signature Campaign.

Remember to check the bulletin for mass times this week.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will have a late start of 1pm on Friday at Sacred Heart Chapel.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Stewardship Conference and Hall of Fame celebration last Saturday.

Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) | April 7, 2024

Join us after the 9am, 10am and 11:30am Masses to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet on this Divine Mercy Sunday.   Confessions will happen after 8am Mass and during the Divine Mercy Chaplet after 9 and 11:30am Masses until all Confessions are heard.  The Holy Hour after 11:30am Mass will begin immediately after Mass and the Divine Mercy Chaplet will be prayed shortly after the Blessed Sacrament is exposed.

If you have not seen it yet, please go to St Patrick Chapel and notice our St. Oscar Romero image inside near the ramp entrance door.  Please ask him to intercede for your prayer intentions.

This coming Wednesday, you are invited to the Health Ministry Tea and hear about the ministry of palliative care given by Sandy Rangitsch of our parish.   11am Sacred Heart, Parish Center.

This Saturday April 13 is the Stewardship Conference at the Cathedral. And then the annual Sacred Heart School Hall of Fame 4pm Mass and Dinner and induction to follow at McGremlin Gym.   Please join us.

Our communications Secretary, Jen Cordia spends a good amount of time formatting the 2 Beats a week for our school and the weekly bulletin for the whole parish.  Check out the great work she did in this week’s bulletin covering the Easter Triduum.  Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures of the liturgies and the prayer devotional “Way of the Cross.”  Also, please continue reading from our Catholic Bishops on the pro-life initiatives that are before us.   The bulletin is twice the size it normally is this weekend.  Enjoy reading all the good news.

We need substitute teachers for our school; also, Many other opportunities at the school for employment.  Many ore opportunities for service. Contact the school office.  The Lord is calling many to help fulfill the mission of our school.  In one way or another it takes all of us by our baptismal call; how can you help?  Also, we have posted the Finance Manager position for the parish.  Talk it up, ask people to consider and if you are interested, consider applying.