Weekend Announcements

Second Sunday of Advent | December 5, 2021

Rite of Acceptance at 9am and 10am.

10am, Amanda speaks at 10am before we start Rite of Acceptance. 

10am: Please be seated. I invite those who have been to the March for Life to come forward.   

(All Masses but 10am) Missouri Right to Life is sponsoring a bus to Washington DC for the pro-life March leaving at 10am January 20 from sacred Heart Chapel and returning to the chapel on January 23.  This is an incredible opportunity for your family to attend together.  Most of the participants at the march are under 25 years old, and so it is one of the greatest places in our nation to see our young church in action, prayer and public service.  Please consider going.  Notice the posters we have around to give you more information.  Call Carol Turner for more information. Payment to Missouri Right to Life is due December 15.

Confessions are offered after 8, 9 and 11:30 Masses today.

SCRIP is sold after Masses.

Coffee and Doughnuts are available after 8 and 10am Mass today.

A subcommittee of the Parish Stewardship Council has been meeting to discuss the small groups we will embark upon during the season of Lent and Advent, 2022.  Someone from this subcommittee may be calling on some of you to consider being small group leaders.  For these small groups, the leader simply has to take care of knowing the time and location of the meetings and assure everyone else in the small group knows.  The participant book is the same as the leader’s book, so there is no need for the leader to be an expert in the material on stewardship or have more knowledge because it is expected everyone in the group, including the leader learns together.   This is an extremely important step in our forward movement of a stewardship parish, so if asked, please take the invitation seriously and if possible say yes.

Thank you for surpassing our November offertory goal! Thanks everyone who helped make the deer hunter’s breakfast a success and Ladies Sodality for the $1500 toward the school maintenance project. Thank you for helping us be at almost 50% of our CSA Goal. Please make your pledge soon if you have not yet. See in the bulletin for our Advent trees that are in all the chapels.  See you at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena this week!

First Sunday of Advent | November 28, 2021

Anniversary Blessing for November

Tuesday 8:30am Mass will be an all school Mass.

There will not be a 6:30am Mass this Friday.

The bulletin includes the dates and times for the Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Remember, we have new bilingual books this year, so please join us for part of the Novena.   This devotional prayer is open to the entire parish.

Also, please find the Holy Day of Obligation Mass Schedule for the Feast of Immaculate Conception December 7 and 8.

Advent trees are once again in all three chapels. Check out the bulletin for Sacred Heart and St Patrick. Go to 7:30 Mass for a tag from the St. John Tree.

Next Sunday, coffee and doughnuts after 8 and 10; Sacred Heart School students lead ministries at 10am Mass.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe | November 21, 2021

Thank you for helping make Thanksgiving a little bit better for many in our community whether that is helping in any way for the cooked meal we will provide at St Patrick; if it is helping restock the shelves at Open Door through the Sacred Heart School can drive and / or by getting items for the Open Door Thanksgiving baskets so people can cook their own meal at home.  Thank you for your generosity!

There is a 9am Thanksgiving Mass at St. Patrick. Mass will be in English.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the CSA and Sacred Heart Foundation.

A favor: Would you please pick up a Time and Talent form and invite a person who you haven’t seen at Mass in a while to fill it out and let them know they are missed at Mass. Thank you!  And thank you for filling out your Time and Talent form.

Please take a bulletin home; check out the upcoming events.

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time | November 14, 2021

11:30am We would like for our current families and families interested in knowing more information about our school to join us Thursday November 18th at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria and following the meeting we will be assisting our current families fill out FACTS.

Important information in the bulletin: Upcoming events for December; please come to them.  For thanksgiving dinner being served we especially need your help on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-6pm and to drive some meals to a neighborhood on Thursday. Call the parish office to help.  It’ll take all of us!  Please check out the article on some of the people at the chancery who assist the leadership team at St Vincent de Paul perform their work and ministries. Also, many have asked about Mass attendance prior to and now… October Counts from

2019 and 2021 are published this weekend.

Please help us reach our CSA and Sacred Heart Foundation Goals and complete the online or copy form of the Time and Talent form to reach our goal of 400. As of Friday, we were at 261 completed.  Together, we can reach our goals. It takes all of us.

Did you know that after every Council, Commission or Committee Meeting the minutes of the meeting are placed on our parish website?  The announcements we read at Mass are also found on our website along with previous and current bulletins.  Please spend some time looking at the incredible amount of information that is on our parish website.  Do you want to keep track of what is happening at our school? The school calendar is on the school website along with two newsletters a week, called “The Beat.”

Since we had many events happening in our parish this past week, we were not able to celebrate and call to mind the importance of National Vocation Awareness Week.  We try to keep the important work of calling forth more men and women to priesthood and religious life and to support holy authentic Marriages all year round. So please continue to pray that our young people respond to God’s call and follow His plan with all their hearts. Don’t forget to ask a young man to consider priesthood and a young woman to consider consecrated life.  If you are asked, take the question to prayer. And, all young people, please pray asking the Lord to reveal his plan for you.

Thank you for coming to our All Souls and All Saints Day Masses; for participating in our Memorial Service for those who died this past year; for coming to the cemetery and/or for attending our 3 night mission.  May the fruits of these good prayer experiences continue to help our parish flourish!

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time | November 7, 2021

Thank you Fr. Guardiola for preaching this weekend. Dear parishioners, we strongly encourage you to come to the Mission Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening. Mission Reflection at 6:30; refreshments afterwards. If you’d like to go to Confession, he will be available at 5:30pm; all at Sacred Heart.

Get your scrip orders in by stopping by the table today.  There are three orders being placed between now and Christmas.

We are still working on reaching our goal of 400 Time and Talent Forms completed. Our big needs right now are Thanksgiving Dinner help especially on the two days leading up to Thursday and drivers for Thursday. And, for volunteering for Warming Shelter. Call the parish office to help with these.

8 and 10: Coffee and doughnuts are served after Mass today.

11:30am: If you would like your own copy of the bi-lingual books we are ordering for Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena or Pasadas please put your name on the sign up sheet next to each item you would like to purchase.

Confessions are heard after 8am and 9am Masses this weekend.

Healthy Luncheon to get the updates and news about the Mercy Rest stop is on Wednesday at 11am. Sacred Heart Parish Center.

Parents of children making first reconciliation, meeting in the Music Room at school on Thursday. 6pm in English; 7pm in Spanish. Child care provided, but remember this meeting is for the parents not for the children making First Reconciliation.

On Saturday the 13th, Ladies Sodality of St John is hosting a breakfast from 6am until 11am.

On Sunday the 14th at 10am Mass we will celebrate full initiation into the church for several of those who started RCIA in the spring.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time | October 31, 2021

Please be seated. I invite Jen Cordia to speak to us today.

For those who are celebrating a wedding anniversary in October, would you please remain standing for a blessing.

This is a full week and we’ve done our best to advertise all of what is offered this coming week.  Please carve out some time and be with us for these important prayer opportunities:

On Monday we celebrate All Saints Day

On Tuesday  we celebrate All Souls Day

On Thursday, we warmly welcome back the Mette Family of MJM7 for concert.

On Friday, we return to pray for those who we’ve had funeral for this past year at our All Souls Service.

On Saturday, Deacon Nestor will be at Spring Fork Cemetery; Deacon Arvol at St. John’s Cemetery and Fr Joe will be at Calvary Cemetery. Please join us at 9am for a short prayer service and then we will walk to your loved one’s place of rest for a blessing. If you want a blessing for a loved one, please be there at 9am.

Sunday begins our 3 night Mission on the Eucharist; 5:30pm Confessions; 6:30pm Mission Talk; food, drink and fellowship to follow. Sacred Heart chapel.

Sunday begins Vocation Awareness Week. Please pray for more men and women ask the Lord what His plan is for their lives and that they have the courage to follow it.

We hope to see you there.