Weekend Announcements

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time | June 20, 2021

Father’s day Blessing:

God our Father, in your wisdom and love you made all things. Bless these men, that they may be strengthened as Christian fathers. Let the example of their faith and love shine forth. Grant that we, their sons and daughters, may honor them always with a spirit of profound respect.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.

  1. Amen.

Then he blesses all present. And may almighty God bless you all, the Father, and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit. R. Amen.

Introduce Show Me Health Women Program, Debbie Freels.    

Introduce Totus Tuus Team member(s)

We pastors want to encourage our young people to attend Totus Tuus this week. Sign up forms will be available at the check-in table Sunday night and each night. See you tomorrow/tonight! 

The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary | June 13, 2021

SCRIP is sold after Mass and Monday through Friday mornings in the school office.  It’s the last weekend to purchase to use your SCRIP cards for Father’s Day.

On your way out of church, please sign up for your time for St. Vincent de Paul’s first pictorial directory.  Or call the parish office to register for your picture time. It is hard to put into words how helpful these directories are for new parishioners, those who want to be involved in the life of the parish and parish staff.  Please help us by being a part of this having your picture taken as a family.

Please call the parish office this week to register the school age children (first through twelfth grade) in your family for Totus Tuus happening at Sacred Heart School June 20-25.  This is a great Catholic experience that will be helpful in keeping your child connected to faith this summer.

A big thank you to all who witnessed to their faith in a big way this past Sunday at our very well attended Corpus Christi Procession.  Well done, everyone!

This Thursday, Fr Dave will be leading us on a tour of the church, touring Sacred Heart Church for our monthly Tap Into Faith Series.  Come to Parish Center at 6:30pm.  At about 6:45 the tour will begin showing why so much of what is in a Catholic Church is there and why it is why it is and then we will go back to Parish Center for refreshments, questions and answers.  The actual tour will be live streamed.

St John Chapel of St. Vincent de Paul Parish ice cream social is June 27.

Please pick up a bulletin or read it on our website to see how you can be involved in the giving garden, preparing meals for new parents, helping Open Door, praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament, help our parish prepare for disasters, and more. All of these are important.

Then, continue reading to see what we’ve done together over the last 11 months as a parish and a financial picture, on income, as we bring this fiscal year to a close.

The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ | June 6, 2021

Before Mass: 

Today we bring back some features we had to remove for COVID restrictions: The collection, bread and wine will come forward in procession; if you forget to place you offering in the basket prior to Mass, you can still place it in the collection basket after Mass; we’ll make sure it gets where it is supposed to go.  Just a reminder, we do have holy water to bless yourself as you enter and leave church.  The sign of peace will be allowed; please be respectful of those around you in how they choose to participate in this gesture: they are not being rude if they do not stick out their hand, just wave or nod; it is ok if that is what your neighbor prefers to do.  The precious blood will be offered; it is ok to choose not to take from the cup and it is ok if you choose to take from the cup; you decide.  Never has there been a higher incidence of Catholics getting the flu during a flu outbreak because the cup passes germs.   Masks are still encouraged for those who are not vaccinated or have conditions that may make them more susceptible.  Let us celebrate well today that we are coming back to some normalcy with the way we respond and sing with full voice today.

Regular Announcement time:    

4 and 7:30pm; Confessions will be heard after the 8 and 9am Masses tomorrow.

8 and 9am: Confessions will be heard after Mass today.

Scrip is sold after all Masses today.

Please join us today at 12:45 at St Patrick for our Eucharistic Procession. If you are unable to walk that distance, come to Sacred Heart Chapel at 1pm.

Please sign up for pictures for our Parish Pictorial Directory. You can sign up after Mass today.

Next weekend, we will celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Patroness of the Diocese of Jefferson City.

The Most Holy Trinity | May 30, 2021

Please see the bulletin about what will be brought back to the celebration of the Mass next weekend and how food and drink may return to all activities within the parish.   

On behalf of us priests, the administration, faculty and staff of Sacred Heart School, thank you to all members of St. Vincent de Paul parish for your support throughout this past year.  If you know of anyone who has yet to enroll for the 21-22 academic year, please contact the school or have them contact the school. 

Like all Catholics, by our baptismal, we are each called to do the work of evangelization.  A powerful evangelization opportunity awaits us next weekend as we meet at St Patrick at 12:45 pm and process with the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance to Sacred Heart.  At Sacred Heart, we will have Benediction and Reposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  Refreshments will be served afterwards in the parish center.  First Communicants from last year and this year are encouraged to dress in their first communion outfits and join us at the front of the procession.  This is a great opportunity to publically profess who we are and what we believe.  Please come be part of it.  If you cannot walk in the procession, then meet at Sacred Heart Chapel.      

Who do you know who should consider learning more about the Catholic Church and or becoming Catholic? Are you one of them?  Our first session will be June 10 at 7pm at the parish center. Invite someone to attend or attend for yourself.  Call the parish office for more information.

Pentecost Sunday | May 23, 2021

As we continue to lift restrictions on how we celebrate Mass and how we celebrate here outside of Mass, we ask you to carefully read the bulletin next weekend for our upcoming procedures.  Also, ministers of holy communion, we ask you to read the e-mail that will come this week so that we can plan effectively.   

Forms for St. Vincent de Paul, Totus Tuus, summer experience for grade school during the day and high school during the evening are available in paper form in the vestibule and will be available on line to fill out on our website this week. Camp is scheduled for June 20-25.  Please pick up a form today and fill it out. 

Please take a bulletin as a keepsake to our Senior graduates and to our newly confirmed.