Weekend Announcements

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time January 17, 2021

Tap Into Faith is this Thursday at County Distributing and Live Stream; gather at 6:30, live stream starts at 6:45 topic is culture of life.

Pro-Life Rally mainly about the pre-eminent life issue of praying for an end to abortion, will be at the court house at noon on January 22, the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children, the day the Supreme Court legalized abortion across the land.

January 23 and 24 we will train altar servers for those not trained during school hours. Check the bulletin for times and chapels.

It’s not too late to sign up for Liturgical Guitar Lessons.  Check out the bulletin for an article about the “Forgiven” series we will offer during the season of Lent.

4, 7:30, 9, 10, 11:30 SCRIP is being sold after Mass today.

The Baptism of the Lord, January 10, 2021

Before Mass, please pray for the repose of the soul of Jan Huhman, wife of Ron Huhman who passed away on Thursday night.  Funeral plans are not made at this time.

Parents of First Communion candidates will receive video links sent through e-mail; there is no Thursday evening meeting.  Please disregard that meeting.

The Year of St Joseph is one month underway and we are now placing shrines in our chapels, schools and offices so that we can celebrate and ask him for intercession.  Please take some time to discover and pray at our shrines.   We will change the meditations at the shrines on a regular basis.

Freshmen orientation for Sacred Heart School is Wednesday evening starting at 5:30pm. Please let everyone know that you know who has an eighth grader. Check the bulletin for details. Thank you!  Please continue to pray for our school families, faculty and staff.

Altar Server training for public school and home school students will be the weekend of January 23 and 24.  Check the bulletin for details.

Free Liturgical Guitar Lessons are being offered; call the parish office for details.

There will be a pro-Life Gathering on January 22 from noon to one at the Pettis County Court House.

4, 7:30, 9, 10, 11:30  SCRIP is sold after Mass today.

If I am getting discouraged or depressed by how 2021 has started, the question I have to ask becomes what can I do about it?  The Lord, in the midst of the storm, never tires of inviting us to be with him: at Adoration, daily Mass, certainly Sunday Mass, Reconciliation, praying with Sacred Scripture, praying the rosary, and/or divine mercy chaplet.  Then, I need to reach out to others: volunteering at Open Door, the Warming Shelter, school, and or parish, checking on a neighbor, making a few phone calls to those who are not getting out these days.  I cannot let the news paralyze me nor my family members; we need to be constructive and productive.  Each of us needs to be who God is calling us to be today.

The Epiphany of the Lord, January 3, 2021

Remember to turn in your time and talent form or fill it out on line.  It takes all of us doing our part to be part of the parish God is calling us to be.  Also, we are bigger than the parish so please remember to turn in your CSA pledge, too.  Thanks to you who have done these. Much appreciated!

Is increased prayer on your new year’s resolution?  We have XLT Adoration on Tuesday from 8-9pm at Sacred Heart Chapel.  Bring the family and spend some time with Jesus in prayer accompanied with music to help you pray.  Also, chapel of Sacred Heart will have the exposition of Blessed Sacrament all day on Tuesday and Friday.

Were you unable to get to Confession during Advent or do you feel like you need his merciful forgiveness again, confessions every Wednesday from 5-6:20 at St Patrick, 9-11 Saturday morning Sacred Heart and St John Saturday evening 7-7:25pm.

Who are you inviting to join you for Mass next weekend? Live Stream or in person? It’s going to take all those attending one of these ways to bring others back.  Don’t wait for us priests or someone else to reach out; you probably have the best access to them, so invite.

Please read about the COVID vaccines and enrollment information in our bulletin this weekend.

Confessions are available after 8 and 9 am Mass this weekend.  Please wait for me to finish visiting with those who are heading out and I will be ready to hear confessions in the usual place.

The Feast of the Holy Family, December 27, 2020

Thank you to all who had a role in making our Christmas liturgies prayerful.  Musicians, art and environment, lectors, servers, ushers, deacons and for coming or participating on live stream. Let us continue to celebrate the Christmas season well.

Steps for Enrollment for Sacred Heart School are in the bulletin this weekend. Please register your children and/or recommend our school to your co-workers, neighbors and relatives. The best advocates for our school and increased enrollment are our current parents and alumni.

Reminder to fill out Time and Talent if you have not done so and to help us reach our CSA goal.  Completed Time and Talent is running at about 130 of 1100 families and CSA is running at 57%.  As a parish moving toward a stewardship model, we can and need to do better on both of these.

You’ll notice today we prayed the prayer to end the pandemic at the end of the petitions, please have a bulletin ready or place the prayer in your song book you keep with you so you can pray it with us.

December 31 and January 1, Mary Mother of God Holy Day of Obligation mass time are in the bulletin.  Please plan on attending or participating live stream.  The offices will be closed these two days.