Weekend Announcements

Fifth Sunday of Easter

This weekend pastoral changes are being announced throughout the diocese.  This year the protocol is slightly different in that the priests are only announcing *that* they are moving, not where they are going or who is coming.  That information will be public Monday Morning on the diocese website.

This year, Fr. Dave's assignment will change effective July 1.  Please pray for all priests and parishioners, especially at this mass, who will have pastoral changes this summer.

Please note on Tuesday both priests need to be in Jefferson City early in the morning so there will be no masses on Tuesday.

Along with the other upcoming events listed in the bulletin remember our eighth  grade graduation from Sacred Heart School is Monday May twenty-third at 6:30 in the Sacred Heart Chapel.

Please register your children for Totus Tuus for the week of June 19-24.  Registration forms in both languages are on tables as you leave church.  Call Mariella Messina or Regina Eufinger for more information; their phone numbers are in the bulletin under Totus Tuus.

We are bringing back St Patrick Summer Potluck breakfasts. We need host families for these. Check out the bulletin for more details.  Our first one is scheduled for June 12.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the process to getting our parishioners through the sacrament of confirmation. This truly is a team effort and we appreciate everyone who had a hand in it.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Bless Mothers

Please help our school and parish budget by purchasing SCRIP cards after Mass. We appreciate all of you who use this and those who will begin to use it.  We encourage everyone to get involved in this wonderful opportunity.

You can honor your mother and support life at the same time today after mass.  The Sedalia Chapter of Missouri Right to Life is offering lovely red roses for a suggested $2 donation.  Funds raised buy educational literature and materials for local festival and fair booths as well as schools and churches, billboards and signs, and the bus for the annual March for Life.  These activities continue to educate the community about the sanctity of life.

It is important for the parents of our currently enrolled students to re-enroll for next year very soon so we have an accurate count of what we should expect for next year.  Thank you for calling Shari Brown at the Parish office to get your enrollment meeting set up.  And, thank you for those of you who have already completed this process.  If your children are not currently enrolled and you would like to know more about our school and the process for enrolling them, please call Liz VanLeer at the Parish Office.

Next Saturday, May 14 is Confirmation.  11am at Sacred Heart and 1pm at St Patrick. We’d love to have some cookies from you to help us with our receptions.  Call the parish office to let Dianne know how many you will be making.  Thank you and please continue to keep our candidates in your prayers.

We are still looking for English as Second Language Teacher Volunteers.  And, Meals on Wheels is looking for drivers.  Thank you to all who were at City Council to voice your favor for the Mercy Rest Stop.

Wednesday Bible study who meet on Wednesdays at 9:30am will begin the Book of the Bible, Acts of the Apostles.  Check the bulletin for further details.

Third Sunday of Easter

Congratulations to all of our First Communicants today.  Thank you parents for being the first educators in the ways of faith including in what this gift of Eucharist means.  Thank you for allowing us to partner with them in the school and PSR program.  Thank you to all of our educators and all who had a role in making this day happen for our children.  It is an important day for our St Vincent de Paul Parish.

As a Catholic Parish who is called to be a Center of Mercy and charity, we have two very practical ways to assist.  First, we need volunteers to step forward to be trained by Catholic Charities and receive what they need to be English as Second Language mentors.  You don’t have to know another language.  You just have to have a willingness to see people become successful and spend some time each week committed to them.  Please call the parish office if you are willing to help.  The second need we have is for everyone who believes the warming shelter and Mercy Rest Stop are good ideas for our community to attend the Wednesday May 4 6:30 City Hall Meeting where we understand the topic of zoning for warming shelters will be discussed.  Both of these needs I just mentioned address the Gospel Value of the Dignity of the Human Person and Catholic Social Teachings.  Thank you for what you can do to assist and live the Gospel in our community.

Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy)

Please be seated as I invite a member of the Daughters of Isabella to speak to us for
a moment. As she is making her way up, I just want to say thank you to everyone
who participated in a small group for Lent. Hopefully why we do what we do at
Mass makes a little more sense. Keep looking at what is offered on Formed.

(NOT 4PM) SCRIP is being sold today. Please use this important way to help us
financially when thinking about your mother’s day gifts, sacrament celebration
gifts and graduation gifts. The more we use it the more we can help our budget at
the school.

Please continue to pray for the end of the pandemic. While it seems to be subsided
here in our local area, there are flair ups in other areas. We ask the Lord to bring
an end to this world wide pandemic and to keep it from returning to this area as
well. Also, please keep praying for an end to the war in Ukraine.

Next weekend we celebrate those making their first communion. There will be first
communions at all the Masses. The 10 and 11:30 will have the most, so please plan
your weekend accordingly. And let us pray for all who are receiving this beautiful

Students in grades 6-12 grade. You are invited to our Sports and Game Day
tomorrow/today starting at 3pm at Sacred Heart gym and commons. Come hang
out with your friends and have some fun. Food and drinks will be provided.
Parents, please pick them up no later than 6pm. Thank you!

Tomorrow/Today in honor of Divine Mercy Sunday, we invite you to come to Sacred Heart Chapel at 2pm to pray the Divine mercy chaplet with our Confirmation Students. The words to the chaplet are in this weekend’s bulletin.
Confirmation students will stay afterwards to practice what they are to say and do
during the Confirmation ritual.

Healthy Luncheon, Armor of God for Fourth Graders, Ukrainian Festival, Denim
Day for CASA and the Summer Camps offered by the diocese are all events we are
promoting in the bulletin, so take a bulletin and read it. Please join us in what we
are offering at our parish. Please also notice Mass times in the bulletin this week.

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord | April 10, 2022

SCRIP is sold after Mass today.

Please pray for our Confirmation Candidates who will be on retreat tomorrow/today with the Net Team.

You are invited to St Andrew Holts Summit Tuesday morning at 10am for the Chrism Mass. You are also invited to pray stations of the cross with the school community at 2:20 on Tuesday.

Adoration Chapel hours this week:

Regular times on Tuesday and the normal one hour at St John’s on Wednesday.

Thursday, Adoration Chapel from 9am-6pm and then adoration at St Patrick from after 7pm Holy Thursday Service until 11pm.

Friday and Saturday, no adoration.

Holy Thursday, 7pm St Patrick; Good Friday 11-1 confessions at Sacred Heart, 3pm Live outdoor Stations at St Patrick. 7pm, Good Friday Service at St John. Holy Saturday Easter Vigil 8pm at sacred Heart, Reception in Parish Center to welcome our new Catholics afterwards.  Easter Sunday morning: 8am St John, 9am St Patrick, 10am Sacred Heart, 11:30 Spanish St Patrick.

The parish has a lot of activities happening the rest of April, so check out the bulletin: Upcoming events section.

Hall of Fame Mass and Dinner April 23.

Singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet with our Confirmation candidates at 2pm on April 24.

Youth Event Sports in the gym, games in the commons at 3-5:30pm April 24.    That’s for all 6-12 grade from our parish including our school.

Looking ahead, the 10am and 11:30 Masses on May 1 will be full with families of children receiving their First Communion.  We just want you to know now so you can plan accordingly.

Fifth Sunday of Lent | April 3, 2022

Please be seated. I invite Dan Lowe to talk for a minute on Missouri Right to Life.

4pm: Active Parents Club is offering movie tonight. Head over to the Sacred Heart School gym after Mass.

Reconciliation is offered today after 8, 9 and 11:30 Masses.

Coffee and doughnuts are offered after 8 and 10 am.

SCRIP is sold after Mass today.

Enrollment for next school year is underway.  If your child is returning, make sure to get them re-enrolled. If you would like to consider sending your child to our school next year, make an appointment by calling the school.  Pre-school enrollment for our 3 and 4 year olds is also open.  Must be 3 by August 1. Please call the school.

Live Stations of the Cross is scheduled for St Patrick at 3pm on Good Friday.  We need some volunteers who would not have a speaking part to take the role of soldiers and Pharisees.  Please call Dianne at the parish office if you are willing.

The Prayer for Consecration Pope Francis prayed last Friday is published in our bulletin this week. You can also find our Holy Week Schedule in the bulletin.  Please come to the highest celebrations in the Church Year.  Let’s have a great week by being together for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil. So much to pray about and to offer to God at this time.  Let’s spend it together with him and each other in prayer.