2023 stewardship

We invite you to look over the opportunities below for you and your family to give of the gifts God has given.

Guide to Commitment
1 - As Needed    2 - Monthly    3 - Weekly   4 - Yearly   5 - Year Round

Saint Vincent de Paul

Chapels at

St. Patrick, 415 E 4th Street, Sedalia

St. John the Evangelist, 30628 Hwy V. Smithton

Sacred Heart, 421 W 3rd Street, Sedalia

Mass Times

Daily Mass times:
Tuesday | Thursday | Friday
6:30am St. Patrick

8:30am Sacred Heart

8:30am Sacred Heart
6:30pm (Spanish) St. Patrick

Weekend Mass times:
4:00pm St. Patrick
7:30pm St. John
7:00am, 8:30am, & 10:00am St. Patrick

11:30am (Spanish) St. Patrick

*The AC at Sacred Heart Chapel is not working. ALL Sunday Masses will be at St. Patrick until further notice.


  • 5:30pm until 6:20pm weekly on Wednesday St. Patrick
  • Saturday 9:00am until 11:00am Sacred Heart
  • 1st Sunday 9am Sacred Heart
  • 1st Sunday 10am St. Patrick

Parish Bulletin

See this week's bulletin with information about parish and community events, news and a word from our Pastor.

Pillar of Hospitality

  • 4 - Bazaar Dinner Auction: The Bazaar Dinner Auction is held every fall. This event consists of a social hour, dinner, silent auction, live auction and raffles. Volunteers are needed for solicitations, decorations, setup, cleanup, help during the event, and more.
  • 2 - Coffee Bar: Provide opportunities for fellowship by helping to serve coffee and donuts after Mass. It’s a great way grab a sweet treat and connect with friends and meet new ones.
  • 4 - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Assist in helping with music, leading the rosary, assisting at Mass, acting or assisting in the play, provide food and or drink for the fiesta, participate in the celebrations.
  • 1 - Funeral Dinners (Food Providers/Helpers): One of the most rewarding ministries we offer to our parish community is funeral luncheons. Food providers provide meals throughout the year as needed based on their availability. Servers help to set up, clean, and serve at a funeral luncheon. Your service allows families a place to come together to support each other and honor the life of their loved ones in a casual and welcoming environment.
  • 4 - Ham & Bean Dinner: Welcome to the tradition of serving a hearty bowl of Ham and Beans in support of vocations. This dinner is held every February. Volunteers are needed to help cook, serve food, clean tables, and work the Country Store.
  • 4 - Ice Cream Social: St. John the Evangelist Chapel hosts an ice cream social every June. The event includes bingo, children’s games, hot dogs, chili, ice cream, and cake.
  • 4 - Los Posadas Host Family: Las Posadas is a reenactment of Mary and Joseph not finding a room for the birth of Jesus. One family each night hosts people to come to their home. There is a short prayer service and then food, drink, and fellowship offered after the short prayer service. Needs include: hosting an evening, providing some food for a neighbor who is hosting, attend Las Posadas.
  • 1 – Meals for Priests & Sister: Volunteers deliver once every other month. Meals are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays by the volunteer cooks no later than 4:45pm. There are no food restrictions. A volunteer can deliver whatever they are fixing for their own meals if they choose.
  • 1 – Meals for Sick & New Parents: Meal provider for the sick or new parents. For those times in life when filling their table will warm their hearts. Meals can be provided at times that work best with your schedule.
  • 4 - Parish Picnic: The benefits of a parish picnic last far beyond a single day of warm weather, great food, and smiling faces. If you enjoy organizing get togethers, please consider join us for a parish gathering that is bound to build relationships and fellowship.

Pillar of Prayer

  • 3 - Adoration: Pray weekly for an hour before the Blessed Sacrament, either as a regular commitment or substitute (as needed).
  • 5 – Charismatica Renewal: Sign up here if you are a member or are interested in becoming a member. Purpose: to encounter the person of Jesus Christ through the outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as explained in Paul’s letter to the Romans. Members participate in weekends and continue formation on Friday evenings. Needs: Provide assistance on the annual weekends (one for men, one for women), participate in, help with or lead the Friday evening sessions.
  • 5 – Cursillo Group: Sign up here if you are a member or are interested in becoming a member. Purpose: to pray, study, acknowledge close moments to Christ and evangelize your environment. All of these skills will be learned in a four-day retreat workshop and then is put into practice with small faith groups who help each other practice these skills in day to day living. Needs: Provide assistance on the annual weekends (one for men, one for women). Lead prayers during holy hour the first Sunday of the month and meet on Sunday afternoons.
  • 4 - Live Stations of the Cross Volunteer: Takes place on Good Friday. Stations of the Cross are acted out in Spanish in a meditative prayerful way as people follow the way of the cross. Needs include: actors, costume design and set design and participating in the Stations of the Cross.
  • Mass Ministries
    • 3 – Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Communion ministers prayerfully serve the people of St. Vincent de Paul by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass. Occasionally assist with offering the Liturgy of the Word with Communion at nursing homes.
    • 1 – Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to Homebound: Offer the Liturgy of the Word with Communion at nursing homes and/or take communion to the homebound.
    • 2 - Gift Bearers: Gift bearers bring the offering of bread, wine, and tithes to the altar, along with the prayers of the community. Great for families!
    • 2 - Lector: Proclaim the Word of God at Mass. Usually the reader will proclaim the readings and will read the Prayers of the Faithful in the absence of a deacon.
    • 2 - Server: Serve as an assistant to the Priest during Mass. Youth and adults are welcome.
    • 2 - Usher: Help welcome and seat the congregation, take up the collection, hand out the weekly bulletins, organize the church for the next Mass, and assist in the case of an emergency.
  • Music Ministry
    • 5 - Cantor: Lead the music and hymns at Mass.
    • 5 - Choir Member: Share your voice in one of our parish choirs.
    • 5 - Instrumental: Share your musical talent with our community. Organists, pianists, and auxiliary instruments are the main accompanists for our choirs and cantors, and play for events (weddings/funerals/prayer services) as available.
  • 1 - Prayer Warrior: Participate in regular prayer for our parish, school and those in need of prayer. Great for families, homebound parishioners, and anyone wishing to grow closer to Jesus through intercessory prayer.
  • 3 – Rosary Leader: Rosary leaders arrive at Mass 30 minutes early to lead those in attendance through the Rosary. They are also willing to help those who need it learn the Rosary.
  • 2 – Vocation Prayer Box: The Vocation Prayer ministry focuses on intentional and persistent prayer to increase Vocation s to the Priesthood and Religious Life. Individuals and/or families are invited to sign up! Each week a new individual/family will receive the box and is asked to pray for vocations throughout the week.

Pillar of Formation

  • 3 - Bible Study (Men’s): Men’s Bible Study meets on Saturday mornings at 8am in PC West.
  • 3 - Bible Study (Mixed): This group of men and women meet at the Sacred Heart Parish Center on Wednesday mornings beginning around 9:30am (after daily Mass). The group has been meeting since the 1980’s and functions as a Bible Study, prayer group, and support group. Described as a casual group and members come whenever they can. Anyone is welcome to join at any time.
  • 3 - Bible Study (Women’s): Thursday morning women’s Bible study meets at 9:30am in the Parish Center. The group uses study materials from sources such as Bishop Barron and Scott Hahn to study not only the Bible but doctrines of the Catholic faith, our Lady, doctors of the Church, and Church history while sharing fellowship.
  • 3 - Confirmation Team Member: Work with youth preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Sept-May, working alongside other volunteers.
  • OCIA ( Order of Christian Initiation For Adults)
    • 3 - OCIA Sponsor: Journey alongside an adult being received into the Catholic Church by being a sponsor. You will attend meetings, pray with him/her, and engage in conversation about topics of our faith. By sharing your own faith, your relationship with God is also renewed and deepened. Classes are September-April.
    • 5 - OCIC Team: OCIA is the process by which adults who are interested in becoming Catholic journey toward full communion into the Catholic Church. Assist the team leaders with conversation and faith sharing by joining the team. Classes are September-April.
  • 3 - OCIC (Order of Christian Initiation For Children) Team/Sponsor: OCIC is the form of the Rite of Christian Initiation intended for children, no baptized as infants and who have attained the use of reason (age 7+) and are a catechetical age. In the context of PSR, we would love to have a teacher(s) and sponsors to help facilitate from September through April.
  • 1 - Quinceañeras: Prayer service offered on the 15th birthday of a girl in many Spanish speaking cultures. Needs include: assisting with the formation weekends for the girls and her friends, or assisting her, her family and friends by leading them through the rehearsal or assisting her and her family and friends the day of the celebration. Also, sign up here if you have a child who desires a quinceañeras.
  • 1 – Small Group Leader (Advent/Lent): Small group leaders will facilitate and guide parishioners through the chosen Advent and Lent small group lessons. They will create a welcoming and safe atmosphere in which the participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings without judgement. Learn and grow in our faith together.
  • 4 - Totus Tuus: Totus Tuus (latin for “totally yours”), is a summer catechetical youth program that combines Catholic religious instruction and FUN!! A team of college-age students and seminarians share their faith and their enthusiasm with kids from 1 to 12 grades. The day includes catechetical instruction, songs, and skits that are silly but teach serious stuff, encounters with the sacraments – particularly Confession and Eucharist, and time for games and recess. For junior high and high school youth, Totus Tuus team meet with teens with more in-depth discussions on Catholic themes.
  • 1 – Vocation Ministry: The Vocation Ministry works to promote vocations in the Parish and School throughout the year.
  • 3 – Young Adult Ministry: Young Adult Ministry is designed to help adults learn more about their faith through Bible study, videos on Formed, podcasts from priests and more. We will use various resources to help engage young adults to gain the knowledge to grow as faithful and active Catholics in the church. There will be fellowship during Mass time, outside of Mass and other prayer times to encourage the Catholic faith to keep each other accountable and growing their knowledge and faith.

Pillar of Service

  • 4 – Advent Giving Tree: Take a tag off of the Angel/Advent Tree and purchase the items mentioned, which will be given to a family at Christmas time. Volunteers are needed to purchase gifts and to deliver items to families before Christmas.
  • 1 - Bereavement: Volunteer to send correspondence and reach out to families who have lost loved ones.
  • 1 - Clerical Help: Mailings, bulletins, copy, cut, fold, and/or staple for parish office and events, or help with mailings.
  • 1 - Church Cleaning: Assist in seasonal cleaning/disinfecting of the parish chapels.
  • 2 - Daughters of Isabella: The largest Catholic women’s organization, members encourage each other’s total development and foster growth of every aspect of life -- spiritual, social and charitable -- adding up to a more fulfilling life.
  • 1 – Giving Garden: If you or your family could give a couple of hours occasionally to water, pick produce and deliver or weed as necessary at the giving garden, please sign up.
  • 2 - Health Ministry Team: This group provides activities and information for the physical, social, mental and spiritual health of our parish community.
  • 2 - Knights of Columbus: Join Catholic men of faith and of charitable action. Knights and their families participate in a variety of activities that deepen their faith, promote the new evangelization, and strengthen parish life.
  • 1 – Linen & Vestment Maintenance: Help with weekly washing/ironing of purificators, corporals, and towels. Help with light sewing and washing of vestments as needed.
  • 5 – Facilities Maintenance: Our chapels and school have been in existence since the 1800’s. Volunteer your time and talents to help with the various needs of our facilities such as grounds keeping, cleaning, painting, repairs, improvements, etc.
  • 1 - Phone Volunteer: Be a friendly voice on the other end of the line to homebound parishioners. Call on church community members to inform them of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, such as funeral dinners, and other various needs.
  • 2 - Pro-Life: Be a voice for the most vulnerable. Join us in events that help educate and inform others on life issues and policies.
  • 1 - Professional Consultant: When the need arises, lend your professional expertise in your targeted subject matter, such as, strategic planning, medical, finance, business, marketing, HR, and technology.
  • 3 - PSR: Teach our faith to children. Volunteers are assigned a single grade level to teach. Classes meet Sunday morning in the parish hall underneath St. Patrick’s Chapel, September – May.
  • 2 – Sewing Group/Prayer Shawls: This crochet and knitting group meets twice monthly. Shawls are made and given to those who are elderly or ill.
  • 2 - Quilting: Interested in sharing your time and talent of quilting with others who have the same interest? Please let us know and we are happy to get you in touch with those in the parish.
  • 4 - Thanksgiving Dinner: A long-standing tradition to serve those in need of a meal on Thanksgiving by serve, preparing and delivering meals to those in need of a hearty meal and a friendly smile. Be a pumpkin pie and join us!
  • 1 - Transport and Visit Elderly: Provide transportation to Mass for the elderly and those in need of a ride. Visit the homebound and represent our faith community to these individuals.
  • 1 – Warming Shelter: When the temperatures drop below 30 degrees, our St. Patrick basement becomes a shelter for those in need of a warm place to stay. The shelter is open from 7pm to 7am. There are three shifts covered by a two-person team.

Service Opportunities - School

  • 2 - Active Parents Club (APC): Assist with planning of various school events, fundraising, and meeting the requests of teachers
  • 1 - Adopt-An-Artist Teacher/Coordinator: Coordinate curriculum and teachers, making sure that all applicable grade levels have a teacher. Co-teach when needed
  • 1 - Adopt-An-Artist Teacher: Teach K-8 students (one volunteer per grade level) about a particular artist and help students with projects in the style of the chosen artist.
  • 2 – Booster Club: Help make decisions for the athletic needs of our students and coaches.
  • 5 - Bus/Van Drivers: Drive the school bus for field trips, sporting events, or the Warrensburg route before and after school. CDL with bus endorsement required for bus drivers.
  • 3 – Cafeteria/Kitchen Help: Assist in our cafeteria or kitchen at school. Needs: clean, organize, and help with food preparation and serving.
  • 1 – Chaperone: Accompany students on trips for spiritual enrichment, grades 7-12, including overnights.
  • 1 – Clerical Help: Copy, cut, fold, and/or staple for teachers/classrooms and events, or help with mailings.
  • 1 - Concert Set-up: Set up chairs and stands for the band and complete other helpful tasks prior to each all-school music concert. Help tear-down after the concerts and clean up.
  • 1 - Concession Stand: Work alongside booster club president to learn how to order concessions, clean the stand, and safely serve snacks during games and events at the school.
  • 1 – Mentor Family: Be a friendly face and helpful resource for our new school families!
  • 4 - NHS Christmas Eve Dinner: Assist in preparing, serving and delivering meals to folks who may not otherwise have a meal for Christmas. This event is sponsored by Sacred Heart School’s National Honor Society.
  • 3 – RaiseRight: Assist RaiseRight Coordinator with developing advertising to parishioners and school families; help secure more local businesses to participate in the SCRIP program.
  • 2 - Speech Contest Judge: Help judge a speech contest, no experience necessary. Training will be provided on the day of the contest, which is held in December. Hours: varies
  • 4 - Spring Musical Volunteer: Box office help, promotion, ushers, pass out programs, costume design, coordinate props (several people needed for each task)
  • 1 – Substitute Teacher: Support Catholic education and our dedicated faculty.
  • 5 - Tutoring: Assist students before or after school with subjects or materials they may be struggling with in their academics.
  • 1 – Uniform Closet: Assist with laundry of used uniform clothing donations; display the used and new uniform clothes in the student store.