Scrip Information

The St. Vincent de Paul parish offers an easy way to expand your support via the Scrip program.  Instead of paying for your purchases at businesses with cash, check or credit card, purchase a gift card through the Scrip program to use instead.  You pay $25 for a $25 gift card, and the business donates a percentage of the purchase price to the parish in the form of a rebate.  It does not cost you any additional money!  Even better, if you direct the rebate earned from your purchase to the parish, or school, it's a charitable deduction just like your tithe.  This makes the Scrip program a powerful way to further support the parish financially in addition to the tithing you are already giving.  You are going to spend money eating out, filling up your gas tank, purchasing groceries, clothing, etc. ... why not use Scrip and earn FREE money for the parish at the same time!

There are over 700 retailers participating in the Scrip program nationwide.  Many of the businesses you already spend money at participate, offering rebates ranging from 1.25 - 25%!  We offer a selection of physical gift cards from our most popular retailers for purchase after Masses on the weekends, and at the Sacred Heart School office during school hours.  Twice a month we place bulk orders for physical gifts cards to retailers we do not keep on hand.  If there is a specific retailer we don't have in our inventory, we welcome you placing an order which you can turn in at the Scrip table after Masses or at the school office.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Cordia at or the school office at 660.827.3800.