Funeral Planning

This is a difficult time for you and your loved ones and you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

We ask that you contact the funeral home of your choice and they will reach out to us for scheduling.

This link provides information about Bereavement and Funerals from the USCCB.

Once the funeral home has reached out to the parish to schedule, the priest will then want to meet with families to help them through the grieving process begin the planning process of the Mass. 

At the meeting you will take part in choosing from readings (found in the link above).

We also invite family to choose individuals from the family or friends to

  • Be a Lector
  • Be a Server
  • Assist with Music

Please consider who you might have fill the roles prior to coming to meet with the priest.

We are blessed to have many funeral homes in the area and we gladly work with all of them so please choose based on what works for your family.

There are absolutely no fees involved in having a Funeral Mass at St. Vincent de Paul. Some families choose to make a donation to the priest and/or the parish, but it not required.