SVDP Pillars

Stewardship: Time, Talent & Treasure, a deeper understanding

September 17, 2020

                The 3rd “Pillar” of stewardship is Formation – Having considered the pillars of Hospitality and Prayer, we now are able to think of Christian Formation.  Inherent to the interior growth in spirituality of every Christian is the profound understanding that we were created in God’s likeness and image, this leads to a healthy desire…

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Pillars of Service at St. Vincent de Paul

September 15, 2020

Service Angel Tree Volunteer: Take a tag off of the Angel/Advent Tree and purchase the items mentioned, which will be given to a family at Christmas time. Volunteers are needed to purchase gifts and to deliver items to families before Christmas.Chaperone: Accompany students on trips for spiritual enrichment, grades 7-12, including overnights.Clerical Help: Mailings, Bulletins,…

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