Health Ministry News for June 9, 2024

Take them a Meal!

Marge Wehman coordinates a group of volunteers that take meals to New parents or to a few families with a need due to severe illness.  Contact Marge if you have a new baby or a need at 724-448-4482.  If you would like to help with this ministry please give Marge a call. 

June is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Summer is almost here and we are all at risk for skin cancer, especially if we spend time in the sun or a tanning bed.  

What to look for :

  • A new changing growth, spot, lump or bump in the skin
  • A sore that bleeds or doesn’t heal
  • A rough or dry red area on your skin, which might crust or bleed
  • A mole or other spot that’s new or changin in size, shape or color
  • A mole with an odd shape, uneven edges, or areas of different color
  • Any change in a moles color, or surgace – scaliness, oozing, bleeding, new lump or bump