Faith Formation Through Catholic Education

Every now and then, it is good to stop and look back at what we have done and accomplished. This retrospective attitude helps us check whether we have been faithful to our goals, mission, or directives. It also helps identify ways we can improve and be better at what we are doing. This effort certainty requires a proactive disposition and a strong spirit that is not afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror. The bigger the task we are overtaking, the more important it is to check and see if we have strayed off course, even slightly.

You and I are navigating this life with our eyes on eternity. Here on earth, we live our lives knowing that one day, we will step into eternity to hopefully live with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in a union of love that we can’t even imagine. This extraordinary and undeserved gift is worth fighting for, and now and here is when and where that fight takes place. Sacred Heart School’s mere existence rests upon the goal to be a critical ally to families in the Christian education of their children. Not replacing their efforts but providing a catalyzing environment to help their children thrive in their Christian faith. Teachers, syllabi, classrooms, extracurricular activities, athletics, and much more are all components of the same effort to help parents educate their children in the fantastic faith we so much treasure. We, teachers, are aware of this enormous responsibility; we know we carry our own imperfections, but we also know we are absolutely committed to materializing a Catholic education with the highest academic standard.

Here are some of the faith activities Sacred Heart School offers to the student body and are part of an age-appropriate comprehensive formation program:

Religion Curriculum: K-8 program sponsored by Augustine Institute and validated by the Diocese of Jefferson City. High School curriculum composed of Old and New Testament (9th grade), Church Mission and Structure (10th grade), Morality and Theology of the Body (11th – 12th grades), and Liturgical Music (10th – 12th). This curriculum also includes Vocation Week, Protecting God’s Children, and participating in Diocesan Masses.

Living our Faith in School: The daily experience at Sacred Heart involves prayers, monthly instances like the Healing Rosary, and a constant effort to live out the liturgical calendar.

Reconciliation Programs: Whenever students return from long breaks and during Lent, we offer preparation and reception of the sacrament of Penance. Each time, many students come to this fantastic opportunity to receive forgiveness for our sins and the necessary graces to keep the fight as we strive to be modern apostles.

Retreats: For 7th graders who will receive the sacrament of Confirmation, for 8th graders, and for high schoolers as they navigate their final steps into adulthood. This year, we had the opportunity to work with Odd Walk Ministry and the NET Team. Both came with outstanding energy and enthusiasm and set all our students on fire in their relationship with Jesus.

Sacramental preparation: Baptism, Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation are part of our program for the reception of the sacraments. We ensure students have the best opportunity to learn, incorporate, and receive each sacrament.

Holy Mass Program: We offer K-5, 6-12, and All-school Mass regularly for students to participate in the highest form of prayer we Catholics have. There, students get to be altar servers (including preparation), lectors, gift-bearers, and participants of the Holy Mass, renewing and feeding their faith lives.

Mission Trips for both 8th graders and seniors. These mission trips give the students a life-changing opportunity to pray and reflect more intensely, serve the local community, and have fun.

Service Hours and Food Drives: These two are oriented towards teaching the students the intrinsic value of service as a critical component of their Christian lives and the love for our neighbors.

One-to-one Counseling: Students can request time to talk about their personal affairs and faith life, all within our Safe Environment policies.

Armor Of God: This program offers material tools (the armor) like the rosary, prayer cards, etc., that help students live out their faith.

These are some of the things Sacred Heart offers to its students. Join me in praying for all Sacred Heart families as they grow in their faith, especially during the summer break that is about to begin.