A Blessed Pentecost!! A Holy Spirit Led Summer! Be a Part of It All!

Did you know there are a group of perpetual pilgrims, about six people including priests, seminarians, religious sisters and laity, which will process eastward with the Blessed Sacrament beginning on May 19, 2024 in San Francisco, CA? They will process through 9 states, and almost 1,900 miles, all the way to Sedalia, MO, arriving on July 1. From Sedalia they will continue to process throughout the diocese of Jefferson City until July 5, and then make their way to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Eucharistic Congress on July 17. They will meet up with three other processions, converging in Indianapolis from the North, South and East. This is all the culmination of the three year Jubilee of the Eucharist. My brothers and sisters, WE are part of something at the National Level to bring a better worship, awe and wonder of the greatest gift given to Humanity, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ! Being chosen as a host parish along the pilgrimage route is an honor and a blessing. It’s a once in a lifetime event to renew not just our faith, but to allow us to help those outside our parish experience this renewal along with us! How can we celebrate well? Find answers in the Q&A below, the bulletin insert this weekend, on the diocesan website, and on the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage page.

When will the Eucharistic Procession arrive at Sacred Heart School in Sedalia?
We expect the Blessed Sacrament to arrive by vehicle at 6pm at Sacred Heart Chapel on Monday, July 1.

What will happen from 6-9pm on July 1 at Sacred Heart School moving to St. Patrick Chapel?
We will start the evening with a potluck meal. The parish will provide the meat and drinks. We are asking everyone who attends to make (or purchase) a dish for 12-15 people. Similar to the reception on June 2nd, the dish you are asked to bring is based on the first letter of your last name: A-F, bring salads; G-N, bring hot veggies/casseroles; and O-Z, bring desserts.

To make sure enough meat is ordered we need everyone to RSVP. There are a few ways to RSVP: 1) there will be a sign-up sheet at each chapel beginning the weekend of June 1 & 2; 2) call 660-619-6509 and leave a message with your name, the number of people attending, and the dish you plan to bring; and 3) coming soon, online RSVP.

After dinner, we will have one language group stay in McGremlin Gym and another language group go to Hoying Gym for a presentation. The presentation will consist of one of the pilgrims reflecting for about five to ten minutes about what the pilgrimage from California to Sedalia has meant to them. Then, there will be a presentation on the gift of the Eucharist. Finally, one or two of our parishioners will give a five minute personal witness on what the Eucharist means to them.

Once the program has concluded, the two groups will merge into one community and we will process with the Blessed Sacrament from Sacred Heart School to St. Patrick Chapel. We should leave the school around 7:45pm and arrive at St. Patrick 8:30pm. We will have adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and confession until 9pm and then from 9pm until 6am we will have overnight adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The chapel will be open all night for those who want to adore our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. We will look for volunteers from our parish to take one hour shifts to be with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament so at least two people are there throughout the night.

What happens in the morning of July 2?
We will have our normal 6:30am Tuesday Morning Mass, but we will probably have a fuller liturgy with music, servers, and more ministers. We will conclude Mass much like we will conclude the 11:30am Mass on Corpus Christi Sunday. After the Prayer after Communion, the Blessed Sacrament will be placed in the Monstrance. We will make our way to downtown Sedalia on Ohio Street and process with the Blessed Sacrament to Third Street, turn left, and continue to Sacred Heart Chapel. Once we arrive at Sacred Heart, there will be time for adoration. Then, there will be a grab-n-go breakfast for the pilgrims while we all share in fellowship around coffee and doughnuts. At the time designated by the pilgrims they will place the Blessed Sacrament in the vehicle with them and make their way to Pilot Grove where the Procession continues through our diocese. Click HERE to see the full schedule for the Diocese of Jefferson City.

How can I help our parish get ready for July 1 & 2?
There are lots of ways to volunteer and we of course believe the Lord is calling all of us to have an active role in this, as well as, the second of June. Do you want to help set up on June 30; do you want to prepare meals or help with meals on July 1; do you want to be a minister during the procession (cross bearer, candle bearer, incense, hold canopy, move street barriers); do you want to take an hour throughout the night from 9pm until 6am; do you want to be a minister at the Holy Mass at 6:30am; do you want to be a minister during the procession coming from St Patrick to Sacred Heart? Do you want to organize coffee and doughnuts or help prepare the grab-n-go breakfast for the pilgrims? All is needed!

Towards that end, inside the bulletin this weekend you will find a 4 page insert (Spanish language copies can be found in the vestibules at both St. Patrick and Sacred Heart Chapels) detailing volunteer opportunities, along with the schedule of events within our parish and within the Diocese of Jefferson City as a whole and RSVPs for specific events within the parish. Please take a look at the insert, check what you are able to help with and the events you plan to attend, and return it in the collection basket or to the rectory office. You can also call the event phone at 660-619-6509 and leave a message with your name, contact information, and how you want to help. We need YOU to make these events a success!

What else should we know?
This is a diocesan event – national event really – that we are honored and privileged to host for 24 hours. That means there will be more people who will want to be involved and participate from outside our parish, so we will work to help them feel part of it and welcome as well. Please let us know how you want to help and let’s all be a part of this amazing gift, honor and privilege that is coming to us! Thank you!