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Halfway through the 12 days of Christmas – Lets finish our Holy moments bucket list!
Holy Moments Bucket list for the best month and Advent of your lives.

  • Write down your dreams for the next month … year … decade
  • Bring a card, soup, or thoughtful gift to someone who is sick.
  • Do something that you loved as a child but haven’t done in years.
  • Surprise someone with a care package.
  • Give someone a Holy Moments grant.
  • Make a list of the things that scare you. Pick one and show courage and DO IT!
  • Donate as much as you can, to a cause that you believe can change the world!
  • Make food and give it to someone who is struggling to find their next meal.
  • Make a pilgrimage … whether that means a local church, a shrine or a sacred place across the world.
  • Choose a day to just celebrate life – get a cake, decorate, and invite your friends and family. Today would be good as it is the feast of the Holy Family!

Have a very happy New Year!