My Journey to Becoming a Deacon

I am Deacon Amparo Orozco born in Michoacan Mexico which geographically is in the center or Mexico. Where I grew up, Mass was only offered once every month. I did not really start getting interested in my faith until 2008. I saw a lot of problems people were having in their lives, including my own and my families. My wife, Veronica, said it was time we went back to church. She became a Lector and I also started doing many things to be active in the community. One of the activities I was very involved with was door to door evangelization. This is where we go door to door and invite people to the Catholic faith, especially those someone knew was Catholic but was not practicing.

About five years after being involved there was a conference held in Florida. At the last minute, because of someone needing to cancel, I was invited to attend. When I got there for the weekend conference, I noticed there were a lot of deacons and priests attending. More than 20 people came up to me and called me “Deacon” and I would say, “I am not a deacon”, and they would say, “well then you should be; you should be a deacon.”

When I got home and was praying about how often this was said to me and how good and informative the conference was, I asked the Lord if I was being called. I started researching the diaconate and saw everything they were doing I was already doing and what they could do that I could not was appealing to me. The more my wife and I talked and prayed about it, the more she agreed this was probably a calling from God not to be ignored. So, I agreed to attend the classes and then I was ordained for the Diocese of Jefferson City on May 4, 2019.

If people ask you to consider it, they see something in you. Pray about it and see if they are asking you because really, through them, God is asking you.