Health Ministry News for June 4, 2023

Health Ministry – Bev Wilkerson 660-473-2033

Bereavement Ministry – Carol Turner 660-620-1590

Take Them a Meal – Marge Wehman 724-448-4482

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Call the rectory office 660-827-2033

Bereavement Ministry

The parish has volunteers ready and willing to support you in your first year after a death.  If you have not been contacted by a volunteer and would like this ministry to support you call Carol Turner at 660-620-1590.  Grief is an individual process and sometimes we need the prayers and support of our parish community.

Health Ministry Office open on June 14 from 1-6.

A variety of health professionals are available to help you navigate the healthcare system. Find the referral you need, answer questions about any chronic disease you may have and give guidance on selfcare.  Medication questions can be answered.  The office is located in the parish center.