Health Ministry News

Meals to New Parents: If you have recently added to your family; contact Marge Wehman at 724-448-4482. She schedules meal deliveries on Take them a Meal for families with a new baby.
Summer is Here – Take care of your skin. Be sure to have sunscreen on when outdoors or sun protective clothing. If swimming, apply new sunscreen according to directions or about every 30-60 minutes. Look for these signs of skin cancer and have them checked by your health care provider:

  • A new or changing growth, spot, lump or bump on the skin
  • A sore that bleeds or doesn’t heal
  • A rough or dry red area on your skin, which might crust or bleed
  • New itchiness, soreness, or pain
  • A rough bump
  • A mole or other spot that ‘s new or changing is size, shape, or color
  • Finding one or more of these things does not mean you have cancer, but that you should be checked by a doctor.