Health Ministry News

Health Ministry office open 3rd Wednesday from 1-6pm in the Parish Center. A Spanish translator will be available from 1 to 3 as needed.

Spiritual Health
As we work this Lent to increase our spiritual health, may we be reminded that we are called to be Jesus to others. This past week Fr. Cesar reminded the school children that they are being Jesus when they show kindness for each other. Fr. Frank DeSaiano CSP had an article in the Precious Blood Magazine. He asks “How much of the ministry of Jesus was meant to free us up to be people of mercy, to be people of kindness! We are made one with the body and blood of Jesus. Jesus asks, ‘This is my body, will you receive it? Will you let my blood run in your veins? Will you see as I see, love as I love?’” Fr Cesar also reminded the students to reach out to those closest to them. Words to take to heart as we draw closer to Jesus and what he calls us to be.