RaiseRight for SVdP 2022 Results

The numbers are in for the 2022 calendar year!  The total rebates earned through 2022 by the SVdP RaiseRight program was $20,281.77.  Of that total, $4,056.40 was donated directly to the parish by approximately 100 parishioners that participated in the program.  An additional $4,070.43 in rebates stayed at Sacred Heart School, with a portion of this going towards the administrative cost of the program.  The remaining rebates went back to school families to use towards tuition.  Looking forward to 2023, just imagine what we can do for the parish and school if the number of parishioners participating in the RaiseRight program doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled.  The potential for this program to benefit our parish finances are limitless!!  It’s so easy to use the program through the app or by purchasing physical gift cards after Mass.  Come see us this weekend to find out how easy it is!  We will be at all Masses on Sunday, January 22nd.  Our next bulk order will be placed on January 23rd.  If you would like to purchase physical gift cards outside of Mass, contact the program coordinator at