Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest

All boys and girls ages 9 to 14 are invited to participate in the local level of competition for the 2023 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship. Trophies are awarded in all 12 divisions (9-year-old boys through 14-year-old boys and 9-year-old girls through 14-year-old girls). Age eligibility is determined by the age of the contestant as of January 1st, 2022. 

This contest is free of charge and open to all area youth. The local competition will be held on Sunday, January 29th beginning at 1:00 PM in the Sacred Heart School gym. Although this is a kickoff event to Catholic Schools Week 2023 at Sacred Heart Catholic School, we would like to reiterate that all young people falling within these age categories are invited to participate regardless of the school they attend.   The K of C Free Throw Championships is sponsored annually with winners progressing through local, district and state competition.  Participants are required to have proof of age and parental consent.  For additional information contact Mark Register at 660-620-5043 or