A message of thanks

By Dianne Withers, Communications Secretary

                As many have already heard, I will be retiring from the parish at the end of December. Currently, I’m experiencing many emotions about this decision.

                As a child, with 4 siblings, we literally grew up in the shadow of the parish living a mere block away. Sacred Heart Chapel has always been a huge part of my life. The Behen kids were always involved as well as many others in the neighborhood. Fr. Hoying would call and ask us to come stuff bulletins, help answer phones during holidays.

                In the spring of 2008, I had been working at the local newspaper for 23 years. I held several jobs at my time there, lastly working in the advertising department assisting with marketing. With both of my boys attending Sacred Heart School, I was needing a change. Feeling lost, I would pray regularly during my hour of Adoration on Tuesdays. As I sat praying one day an overwhelming sense of peace came over me and I knew all would be well.

                Shortly after that, I heard the secretary position was open at parish office. I began working for the parish in July of 2008 and it was by far one of the easiest decisions I had ever made. I sort of already felt like a “pro” at church work having helped out as a child.

                During my time here, I have seen good times and bad times both for the parish and certainly in my personal life. But I never once feared or regretted my decision. In July of 2019 our son Robbie died by suicide. We were devastated, but through the overwhelming prayers and support we received from members of the parish, family and friends, we worked through it. Not to say we don’t still struggle, but our faith and our faith family are with us. We truly are blessed!

                In September of 2019, our parish was blessed once more to become “Better Together” by becoming one parish. While it wasn’t an easy transition for any of us, I truly believe the Lord led us where we needed to go. That brought a host of changes which gave us all an opportunity to grow together.

                Just saying “thank you” doesn’t seem to be enough to express how truly blessed I feel to have shared my gifts these last 14 years. We are ready to begin a new chapter in our lives and are looking forward to taking time to reconnect and enjoy time together. I am truly looking forward to being “just a parishioner” again and to volunteer my time to the parish.