Tradition and Resurrection

By Osmaro de Leon

In today’s Sunday readings, especially in the Gospel of Saint Luke, they tell us extraordinary things; how tradition and resurrection come together and form a single teaching.

Our Church is very rich in traditions, throughout history, it has taught us how we carry out the different sacramental rituals, the novena, the mornings, Holy Rosaries, ETC: but it is very important how we Catholics interpret these traditions.

In the Gospel of Saint Luke 20:27-38, the Sadducees put Jesus to the test and tell him about what was written by Moses, that if a married man dies without having a child with his wife, the brother of the deceased takes as his wife the widow, to give a son to her brother and this happened on one occasion where seven brothers had the same woman as a wife and none had a child with her, and all the brothers died and finally the woman died; Whose wife will the woman be on the day of the resurrection? If she was married to all seven.

Jesus tells them something so beautiful (Luke 20:36), “Because you can no longer die.” This reminds me of a story of an elderly couple: On her death bed the wife tells her husband, I’m going to behave myself to go to heaven with you and with this the husband dies, and he goes to heaven, later the  lady dies and arrives at the gate of heaven; but St. Peter is not at the post at that moment and the old woman, like any curious woman, enters and begins to look everywhere, when St. Peter arrives and asks her, what are you doing? And the lady responds I’m looking for my husband, and St. Peter tells her where he is. The man replies, Remember that when we got married the Priest said: Until death do us part.

In the resurrection of men and women who deserve it, they will no longer marry in the new world.

The Sacrament of Marriage is a Resurrection of two people who come together to form one, it is the abandonment of the singular-individual and being plural and with the union of Jesus, marriage is formed.

GOD is a GOD of the living and death is a step to go to Him. If GOD so decides. As it says in 2 Maccabees, the king could not force the seven brothers to eat the pork, they along with their mother resisted until the end and died. Out of obedience to their ancestors and to their God in whom they trusted that they would be resurrected. In this reading he tells us about the tradition of not eating pork and  resurrection.

It is where all Catholics must take into account that the path of following GOD is not EASY and if it is easy it is because we are not following the true GOD. Let us ask GOD for strength and wisdom, because the reward is great and unique, it is NOT compared to any suffering that we have throughout our lives.