Youth Ministry

By Robert Ellebracht – Youth Ministry

October 22 is the Feast Day of Saint John Paull II, a well-known Pope and Saint who is the Patron Saint of families, young Catholics, World Youth Day among other things. There is a lot of information available on Saint John Paul II, but there will be a couple things I will be focusing on about his life.

Saint John Paul II was born in Wadowice, Poland on May 18, 1920 to a Polish father and Lithuanian mother. In 1940 John Paul II was introduced by a friend to the Living Rosary Youth Group and Carmelite spirituality youth group. In 1942 the Archbishop of Krakow enrolled John Paul II in an underground seminary.

In 1946 John Paul II was ordained a priest by the Archbishop of Krakow.

John Paul II taught at university and formed a group of young people called “little family” who prayed together, did acts of charity, held philosophical discussions and went out places together both to have fun and to serve the community.

Saint John Paul II was introduced to a youth group by a friend, just like him we need to introduce to our friends’ ways to get closer to the Catholic faith as well as having friends to show us the path toward Jesus and his teachings. This will help us to get closer to God, closer to the faith to understand Jesus when he says to “love your neighbor as I have loved you.” This will bring a stronger community when the youth are involved and want to be part of the love of Jesus through service, prayer and act of kindness, among many other positive examples.

As noted in John Paul II’s story, the group of young people he formed prayed together, did acts of charity, held philosophical discussions, and went out places together both to have fun and to serve the community. I will be looking to implement some of these ideas for the youth of our Parish so they too can have a community of youth they can lean on to pray, go to church, make good decisions while still having fun with each other and building camaraderie. We will incorporate prayer into our events because Jesus is our main focus, but we will need youth involvement to help us plan out these wonderful events for fun and faith to grow.

The Youth Ministry Core Team is looking on ways to include a model similar John Paul II where we incorporate service, prayer, church, fun and games throughout the year with the hope that we can get many youth as well as parents to be involved in serving God and the community.

We will have events that will be set up for the youth to attend to build their youth, we are also planning on events to have where the parents and youth can attend together. This will help to build the whole parish community into a more faithful, service oriented and stronger team while helping to learn more about what Youth Ministry does and who the is a part of the team.

There will be events posted in the bulletin please look for that, we are also working on creating a calendar of events for the parish to help you all know further in advance when youth events will be happening.

“Dear young people, let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ, and spread that light wherever you are.” (John Paul II)