What is our path?

By Shari Brown, Finance Director

Over the past few weeks we have been hearing about following God and responding as the Apostles did with a willing “Yes”. But I believe that most of us at some point have had a hard time figuring out what our path is and if we are truly following Jesus in the way that he wants us to.

Today’s readings have us pondering whether our prayers are heard as we many times do not see the fruits of those prayers. We have to rely on faith that even though we do not see anything happening, behind the scenes great things are happening.

We are also reminded that we are here to serve God and that He does not have to answer us. We just have to read from Job which has been our first reading at daily Mass this past week to learn God does not have to always answer us.  We have been instructed by Jesus himself to “Follow me” and that includes having the faith, patience, and trust that God does not lead us astray and that we must submit to that in order to truly follow him. That is quite easy to say, but sometimes almost impossible to follow. We are human and God knows that. He is with us in The Holy Spirit which Paul in the second reading reminds us of and that we are always able to call out for the Spirit to strengthen us.

As we continue learning and growing in our faith it is sometimes easy to only remember to thank God when things are going well but not when they are difficult. St. Ignatius recommended the Daily Examen as a way of reflecting on our day. Giving thanks for all that God has given us is a great way to begin winding down your day. Reflect over how your day went- what was good, what was not and what you see that you would like to change. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with this exercise. Think about the next day and what tasks you will need to accomplish. Who will you see and how will you interact with them? Will you have a servant’s heart and love for your neighbor?

The Responsorial Psalm for today joins this all together for us- “If today you hear His voice, harden not your heart”. What this means is that we have to listen for the voice of God with our hearts and then we must act on what we hear with mercy and love from our heart. We must pass this love on to others as we have been instructed to “Love God with all your heart” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself”. This can be a difficult thing to do as we all face times where we just do not want to act with love towards another but to truly follow Jesus- we must.