Stewardship Renewal

tewardship: A Grateful Response to God’s Love
We are coming up on our annual Stewardship Drive, also known as Time, Talent, and Treasure, in October. Once a year, we request you to consider your time and talents and what commitment you can make to our parish ministries.
Over the next few weeks, you will find descriptions of each of the four pillars of Stewardship: Hospitality, Prayer, Formation, and Service. Along with each description, there will be a list of the ministry opportunities within our parish that fall under the specific pillar. Full descriptions of the ministry opportunities can be found on our Parish website:

Pillar of Hospitality
This pillar leads parishioners to take ownership and feel welcome as well a valuable and contributing member of the parish. This pillar is demonstrated through various activities within the parish that aid to cement the collective membership of all parishioners, especially for those new to our faith or community. One of the fruits of hospitality is a sense of belonging, which is in itself a gift from God.

Opportunities in the Pillar of Hospitality:

Bereavement Ministry Team
Coffee Bar Host
Bazaar Dinner Auction Volunteer
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Volunteer
Funeral Dinner Food Provider
Funeral Dinner Server
Ham & Bean Dinner for Vocations Volunteer
Health Ministry Team
Ice Cream Social Volunteer
Los Posadas Host Family
Meal Provider: New Parents/Sick
Parish Picnic Volunteer
Phone Volunteer
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Meals for the Pastors
SHS: APC – Social Event Coordinator