State of the Schools Diocese of Jefferson City

This is our final installment of the report on the State of the Schools of the Diocese of Jefferson City. Please keep all students, faculty and staff in your prayers.

Thank you to all our pastors, administrators, teachers, staff, volunteers, parishioners and supporters. Thank you to those who give to support our schools through their time, talent and treasure. We are especially grateful to those who have given to the Diocesan Excellence in Education Fund (DEEF), which helps schools provide competitive salaries to their educators. Thank you to the donors who provided funding for a bonus to administrators, faculty and staff in honor of National Catholic Schools Week
To all those at the Chancery who help the CSO every day: Msgr. Robert Kurwicki, Ben Roodhouse, Cheryl Hertfelder, Connie Schepers, Denise Barnes, Gala Wolfmeier, Helen Osman, Jake Seifert, Fr. Jason Doke, Jay Nies, Karen Burton, Kathy Smith, Kelly Martin, Maureen Quinn, Trish Lutz, Deacon Joe Braddock, Fr. Stephen Jones, and Vicki McElwaine. A very special thanks to Paula Glynn for all she does for all of us.
An extra special thank you to Bishop McKnight for his support and vision.
And a blessing to all our students — past, present and future: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, guide you all of your days.

Please visit the Catholic Schools Office webpage at for information on curriculum, policies, future plans and contact information. The Catholic Schools Office supports our school communities in our mission to educate, guide and empower students to be faith-filled stewards of God’s gifts in service to one another.