State of the Schools Diocese of Jefferson City

We will be sharing information from the report each week on the bulletin, please keep watching for great details on the schools in our Diocese!

St. Nicholas Academy partners with under-resourced families and St. Peter Interparish School in Jefferson City to break the cycle of poverty for children. St. Nicholas Academy works with families to give their sons the best opportunity possible to succeed in school and life, to reach their God-given potential and become the best men they can possibly be.
Inspired by Christ’s love for all, we dedicate our resources to helping boys grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually, providing the following resources free of charge:
• A safe, loving and supportive living and learning experience at the Academy
• A quality education at St. Peter Interparish School
• A year-round program with summer activities that provide many growth-filled experiences

The Catholic Schools Office’s annual plan is based around the Diocesan Pastoral Plan, A Steward’s Journey, and the Pillars of Stewardship. In response to the Pastoral Plan’s goal of strengthening co-responsibility, the Catholic Schools Office’s plan is focused on providing administrators opportunities to grow in leadership and use their God-given talents. Each administrator is a member of a diocesan committee, participates in an annual leadership conference and is provided support in continuing their professional growth.
In response to the goal of strengthening charity and mercy, our schools are continuing to work with Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri. A partnership with Catholic Charities provides schools with a counseling director who offers support and resources to meet school needs. Additionally, diocesan committees will focus on meeting student learning needs, ensuring student safety and growing service opportunities within our Catholic school community. In response to the goal of strengthening participation, the Catholic Schools Office is working with the diocesan Stewardship Office to support stewardship renewal and continuing to form our students in the spirituality of stewardship. This includes incorporating the pillars of stewardship in our curriculum and in our every day activities in the school and in the school community.