Encounter With Jesus

By Deacon Nestor Montenegro

                This is the story about my calling, there were 2 moments that marked my encounter with Jesus.

                The first one: it was when I was a teenager about 1987. I had my first encounter with Jesus through a movement called Youth Promotion Meeting (EPJ for its acronym in Spanish) in my country, El Salvador. One afternoon in a hallway I found a banner that said: “Jesús how hard is it to find you, but when you are found, how hard it is to leave you!

                The impact that those lyrics left on me was so great that even when writing I feel that my heart beats out of normal, for me. Despite the falls in life, I continue walking with Jesus.

                The second encounter was in a patronal feast in my town; a great pastor invited me to read the first reading. Besides the nerves, I felt a lot of excitement to be able to proclaim the word of Christ.

                And now I do it as a permanent Deacon. Thanks to him!

                I could relate to how Felipe y Phillip in John 1:45 who had his encounter with Jesus and the women who Jesus appears to in Matthew 28:9.

                Undoubtedly, by having that encounter with Jesús I can no longer turn back, because he is my vision. I hope this helps a little to motivate you to continue walking with him, through rain, snow or heat (llueve, truene o relampaguee as we say in el Salvador). I am sure you have had your encounters with Jesus as well that have had an impact on your life. God bless you…