State of the Schools Diocese of Jefferson City

We will be sharing information from the report each week on the bulletin, please keep watching for great details on the schools in our Diocese!

Diocese of Jefferson City
– 37 elementary and 3 high schools
– Enrollment increased for 2021- 2022 school year
– Ranked 74th out of 175 dioceses in enrollment
– One of only 2 stewardship dioceses in the US
– 99% acceptance rate into higher education of choice
– 99% graduation rate (vs. 86% nationally)
– ACT and SAT scores higher than national average
– Seniors received over $85,000 in scholarships on average
– Students, faculty, & staff complete thousands of service hours annually Nationally
– Missouri is ranked 10th nationally for Catholic school enrollment
– US Catholic schools save the public school system over $22.7 billion a year

During the 2021-2022 school year, the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) began an Accommodations Committee to examine the needs of our students who face learning differences. As part of the committee’s work, we surveyed our current school parents and teachers to find out what concerns they have and what resources are needed. For the coming school year, this committee — made up of administrators, teachers, parents and experts — will examine what the CSO can provide diocesan-wide.

Administrators continued their work on updating and improving what and how our students learn. The diocesan Curriculum Committee completed updates to the diocesan science curriculum; it was reviewed and approved by a committee of teachers, administrators and pastors. The science curriculum joins the recently updated religion, math and language arts curriculum. Seven Missouri Nonpublic School Accreditation Association visits were completed, ensuring our schools are meeting all appropriate benchmarks. Our October standardized test scores continued to show strong growth, with all grade levels scoring above grade level on average. By 8th grade, our students are scoring well over a grade level above the national average.