Health Ministry News for September 4 2022

Health Ministry News for September 4 2022

Health Ministry – Bev Wilkerson 660-473-2033

Bereavement Ministry – Ann Dove 660-527-3794

Take Them a Meal – Marge Wehman 724-448-4482

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Rectory at 827-2311

Health Ministry Team will meet on September 6 at the home of Bev Wilkerson, 2506 West 32nd St at 6:30pm.  Contact Bev with any questions you may have at the above number.

September 6 is Fight Procrastination and Just Do it Day!

This day caught my eye as if we are a procrastinator, it can create more stress in our lives and September is about reducing stress.  See if you can apply just one of these tips this week.

Hot Tips For Building Resiliency and Celebrating Just Do It Day:

So how do we Fight Procrastination?

  • Find the answer to ‘What’s In It For Me”.  Why is this task/decision important.  What will I achieve once it is completed?
  • Use positive self talk to keep you moving forward.
  • Chunk your time.  Set a timer.  Work with your concentration and energy not against it.
  • Make appointments with yourself for breaks, planning, visioning and even napping.
  • Get organized.  Build systems and procedures to follow that will keep you on track or simplify the process.
  • Get rid of junk and clutter.  These are just distractions.
  • Watch out for time gobblers – Internet, email, TV, phone, socializing.
  • Delegate when not part of priority.  Hire out.  Share tasks.
  • Reward yourself.  Make it fun.
  • Get support.  Share your goals and keep others updated on your progress.  It is harder to procrastinate when others are ‘watching’.

Not sure if you are a procrastinator?…take this free quiz at