Lord, give me the courage I need to respond. Jesus, I trust in You

By Mariela Messina, Director of PSR

On a sabbath, Jesus went to dine at the home of one of the leading Pharisees, and the people there were observing him carefully.  Luke 14:1

What an interesting line. This line should not be overlooked because it reveals a common reaction that some have to Jesus. What is the reaction? It’s the tendency to observe Jesus carefully from a distance.

Jesus was invited to the home of a leading Pharisee and many other people were present. They were the influential, wealthy, educated, and prestigious members of the community. Many would have been concerned about their reputation and quite curious about Jesus since He was growing in such popularity with the people. So, as a result, they were all “observing him carefully.”

This curiosity on their part is not all bad. In fact, it may lead some of them to salvation. By observing Jesus, they are clearly pondering Him, His words and His actions. This is good if and only if it results in each one of them turning to Him in faith and choosing to embrace our Lord regardless of what others think. I sometimes find myself pondering about Jesus, especially during Adoration in the chapel. At other times, I wonder what Jesus plans for me when I go through different situations. For those who are willing to humbly allow their observations to turn into true faith, their lives will change. You may ask yourself what this looks like, and Jesus again speaks to us in the gospel saying: “Take the lowest place” Luke 14:10. Humility helps us take the spotlight off ourselves first; then, we become more open to the people around us.

This weekend and next weekend our Parish School of Religion will be doing registration for preparation to receive the sacraments (Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation) and for the kids that want to continue studying God’s love for us in the Bible and the Church.

I invite you to reflect, today, upon the tendency we have to only “observe” Jesus and His will from a distance. If you find you are curious and interested in the presence of God around you, do not hesitate to act on this curiosity, allowing His words and presence to change your life. Choose to put your family ahead of yourself by registering your kids into this wonderful program that your parish offers, and partner with us in the formation of your kids’ faith. Lord, give me the courage I need to respond. Jesus, I trust in You. Finally, join me in prayer for all the people that humbly offer their time and talent sharing their faith and love for Jesus with others: our catechists.