From the Pastor

As you can see in the “Masses and Events” Section of the calendar, we honor St Monica on Saturday, August 27.
St. Monica is a very busy and important saint of our day. For over thirty years she prayed for her Son to return to the practice of the faith. And by that she did not mean simply to return to the sacramental life of the church, but to stop living and acting in many ways against God’s commandments… and to return to the sacraments. After all those years, her prayers were answered. For this is the mother of St. Augustine!
The saddest and most difficult part of being a priest (notice I didn’t say “one of the saddest”) is to listen to grandparents or parents weep and worry over their children not being with us in the Church or with us at the Mass on the weekends. We as priests worry and fret over this more than anything else (more than enough money to pay the bills, more than the homily, more than anything.) Literally, souls are on the line with this one! We worship a wise, all loving all merciful God. If God sees that His child doesn’t want to spend one hour a week with Him and His Communion of Saints, why would He subject them to an eternity with him?
He won’t.
God have mercy on us!
So, this is why we priests re tempted to join in the worry and fretting. However, we have to also be like Monica who prays with faith and trust that God knows what He is doing, how He is acting within the life of the person away and how He can do miraculous amazing things. And so we trust and we pray and we trust and we pray.
Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote about the Carmelites who pray and do acts of penance for us in the Diocese of Jefferson City and they want to hear our prayer intentions? This week as we honor St Monica, let’s ask St Monica and the Carmelites to pray for those in our family and in our church family who are away from the church right now.
Go ahead and send them their names to No one will know and they will be prayed for. Then, join the Caremelites and St Monica and pray for them too.
Brothers and Sisters, Stewardship is important; offering the best Pre-K through 12th grade Catholic education is important; making sure the poor in our community are treated as Christ wants us to treat them is important…getting each other to Church and living the life Christ wants us to live.. that’s not about this world, that’s about eternal life and eternal salvation! Inviting more to Church has to be our number one priority. Souls are on the line, with this one.
St Monica pray for us!