State of the School – Diocese of Jefferson City

Education is a fundamental corporal work of mercy. Catholic Schools are a center where students and teachers, imbued with the words of truth, will search for the wisdom that guides the Christian life and strive wholehearted to stand by Christ as their teacher.
~ Bishop W. Shawn McKnight

In my second full school year as superintendent of Catholic schools for the Diocese of Jefferson City, I continue to be grateful for the vision and leadership of Bishop McKnight, as well as humbled and blessed by the faculty, staff, administrators, parents — and especially students — who continue to listen to God’s voice and answer, “Send me!” In a time when so much of the world seems lost in darkness, these children of God are Christ’s light to us all. In this time of renewal after the chaos of the last two years, a perfect opportunity exists to revitalize our faith as well as our commitment to our parishes and schools, and renew and deepen our commitment to the spirituality of stewardship. As stewards committed to creating schools that are centers of charity and mercy, we turn away from the noise and contention of society to form students who are thoughtful, generous and charitable citizens of this world, prepared to be welcomed by God into the next. All of us involved in the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Jefferson City are grateful to serve. We ask for your prayers and continued support as we place our students and ourselves in God’s care — trusting Him, and answering Him, “Send me!” In the following pages, we aim to provide you information, data and HOPE! The value of Catholic education in the Diocese of Jefferson City is immeasurable — it touches eternity! Blessings! Erin Vader, Superintendent

We will be sharing information from the report each week on the bulletin, please keep watching for great details on the schools in our Diocese!