Pastoral Plan Update

Soon, you will receive an e-mail asking about your knowledge of the St Vincent de Paul pastoral plan.  We thought this was a good time to remind you of our three goals and what we have worked on under these three goals.  

3 Goals of Pastoral Plan

  1. Assist families raising their children in the faith
    1. Ensuring financial security for Sacred Heart School
    2. Offering Financial Assistance so that all families who want their child(ren) to receive a Catholic Education may do so.
    3. We are in our second year of meeting with families before enrollment to see if we can assist them in their faith life
    4. Providing a comprehensive PSR program so that all students may be catechized.
    5. Implementation of the Armor of God program at SHS and last year for one grade in PSR.
    6. Providing a comprehensive Confirmation program that meets regularly during school months
    7. Totus Tuus program Summer Program
  2. Create and maintain a comprehensive youth ministry
    1. Youth Group having monthly events
    2. Plan is to move to whole parish youth events more than once a month
    3. Addition of funding to parish budget for Youth Ministry
  3. Improve communications
    1. Website updated weekly with news articles
    2. Weekly Email with links to information on website
    3. Printing our own bulletin so that the most up-to-date information can be added prior to the weekend.
    4. Communication Secretary for the parish includes communications for the school
    5. Bereavement group reaches out to families for a year after a loved one dies
    6. Anniversary of Baptism cards for children (and their parents) one year to six years old.
    7. Birthday and anniversary cards sent out monthly to those over 70 and major anniversaries
    8. Communication secretary attends both Finance and Pastoral Council meetings to ensure minutes are done in a timely fashion.
    9. Commission and Council minutes are posted to website