Incident at Sacred Heart on weekend of August 5-6, 2022

It appears the money that was dropped off and mailed during the week along with the 4pm collection was stolen. Some keys for parish center and chapel were apparently stolen. Some minor damage to the floor in front of the candles near the statue of Mary occurred. Police were called and a report was filed. Our action items include increasing our security to Sacred Heart chapel and parish center. Our goal is to have the adoration chapel open as soon as possible once we have made it more secure. People should have the ability to pray and a feeling of safety and security should be part of the experience within a church. Your assistance: if you mailed or dropped off a check during the week leading up to August 5 or gave a check in the collection at 4pm and it clears the bank, let us know. Continue to pray and know that good overcomes the bad. And, we will get through this together. Thank you for your support.