Health Ministry News for August 8, 2002

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National Farmers Market Week is August 7-13

Farmers Markets Increase Access to Fresh, Nutritious Food

Nutritious food should be for everyone. It sustains our well-being and makes it possible for

us to pursue happy, healthy lives. But nutritious food is not always available – or affordable – especially for the millions of American families in low-income neighborhoods, struggling daily to make ends meet. Due to cost and access, fresh fruits and vegetables are a luxury many Americans can’t spare to indulge.

But with affordable, competitive prices and special programs for low-income families, farmers markets are expanding access to fresh, healthy food in communities that need it most. Unlike supermarkets, with their beguiling aisles of soda, candy and potato chips, farmers markets put fruits and vegetables front and center and create a shopping environment where nutritious foods are not only affordable, they’re celebrated.

So Visit our local Farmers Market located at the Nucor Pavilion on the Missouri State Fair Grounds on Tuesday or Friday from 3-6pm.