Health Ministry News for July 17

Health Ministry News for July 17

Meals to new parents!  Have you just welcomed a new baby into your home and family?  We know how hectic those first few weeks can be.  There are a number of parishioners willing to bring a meal into your home during this time.  Call Marge Wehman at 724-448-4482 if you have just welcomed a new member into your household!

Foot Care Clinic

Riki Harding LPN, Foot care nurse, offers a clinic for parishioners the first Wednesday of the month.  The next clinic will be August 3rd at her office.  Call Riki to schedule an appointment at 816-797-6537.  As part of her stewardship this clinic is free.  Donations can be made to the Health Ministry of St. Vincent DePaul Parish.

July is Social Wellness Month.

Positive social habits can help you build support systems and stay healthier mentally and physically.  This month we will explore some each week.

Shape your Family’s health habits! Being active with your family can have a positive effect on your health habits and create opportunities to connect. To help kids form healthy habits.

  • Be a role model.  Choose healthy food and activities when together
  • Have nutritious food and sports gear available
  • Focus on making healthy habits fun
  • Limit screen time

Get Active Together in your community

  • Start a walking group with friends.
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Consider joining an exercise group.  Check out local gyms or the Heckart Center for a wide variety
  • Try Different activities