By Fr. Joe Corel

As we celebrate Pentecost, we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit descending upon the apostles in the upper room and the same Holy Spirit coming into us at our baptism and being ignited within us at our Confirmation.  The Holy Spirit is the one who calls us to action.  When we choose to pray, we are saying yes to the Holy Spirit who prompted us to pray. When we do a work of charity, we are responding to the Holy Spirit who calls us to that action. When we reach out to another or do something to improve our lives that is truly good for us and others, we are responding to the Holy Spirit who is calling us to the action.  We as pastors are consistently calling people to prayer, action and study.    There is a method given to the church that helps us stay focused on our prayer, action and study.  This is the Cursillo Method. The Cursillo Method begins by being asked to make a weekend. The weekend consists of a retreat setting where we learn a method through short courses on how to keep our faith integrated with the rest of our daily living.   The weekends begin on a Thursday and end on Sunday.   Once the weekend is complete, the Cursillo experience continues.  It continues through small group reunioins. Within the small group reunion we ask four questions with others in our group:

  1. Where have I seen Chist this week? 2. What am I doing for prayer?  3. What am I studying for spiritual growth? 4. What am I doing for an evangelization plan? How was my plan for last week? 

Then regularly the small groups get together for an Ultreya, which means Onward. At the ultreya, we are inspired by others’ faith stories from the past week or month.   The Holy Spirit is calling us to grow in our faith and stay close to him.  And, at the same time, the Holy Spirit has given us this great experience of he Cursillo Method here in our diocese.

For Spanish Speaking parishioners our weekends are June 9-12 for Men and June 16-19 for Women at the Sacred Heart Sedalia School. For English Speaking parishioners our weekends are July 14-17 for Men and August 4-7 for Women at Tolton Catholic High School.  And, March 2-5 2023 for Men and March 16-19 2023 for Women at St Anthony, Camdenton.   If you would like to participate in a weekend and begin the Cursillo Experience, please call the parish office.  Don’t be surprised if people ask you to consider.  Person to person invitation works the best!

See below for additional information on Cursillo.