Health Ministry News for May 29 2022

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Skin Cancer Risk as Summer vacations begin!

Anyone can get skin cancer, but people with fair skin are more likely to get skin cancer than people with darker skin. Most basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers are caused by repeated and unprotected skin exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight, as well as from man-made sources such as tanning beds,

Know your Risk

  • Exposure to the sun (UV) light or tanning beds
  • Having many moles
  • Having fair or lighter skin, freckles and light hair
  • History of skin cancer in the family
  • Having a weak immune system
  • Getting older

What to look for

  • A new or changing growth, spot, lump, or bump on the skin
  • A sore that bleeds or doesn’t heal
  • A rough or dry red area on your skin which might crust or bleed
  • New itchiness, soreness, or pain
  • A rough bump
  • A mole or other spot that’s new or changing in shape or color
  • A mole with an odd shape or uneven edges
  • Spread of the color of amole outside the edge of the mole
  • Change in the surface of the mole

If you find something different

  • Draw a circle around it with a penor marker
  • Take a picture with your phone of it
  • Make an appointment to have a doctor look at it.