Totus Tuus Volunteers & Donations Needed!

June 19-24th
Want to help your youth of SVDP?

  1. Housing for the 2 college age girl missionaries. Preferably close to SVDP. They need a place to sleep and breakfast.
  2. Dinner for the 4 missionaries & Priests.
    • Invite the 6 to your home. This is a wonderful way to show hospitality and have your family enjoy fellowship.
    • Go to a restaurant
    • Bring dinner to the Parish Center for them to eat there.
  3. Snacks for the attendees (estimate 70) for 1 to 5 days
  4. Money to purchase food for lunch for Missionaries.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, register your child (going into 1 – 12 grades) for the program. Applications are at SH School, Parish Office & at church.
    To volunteer or donate contact: Mariela Messina 660 287-2060
    or (Spanish)
    Or Regina Eufinger (636) 577-2809 (English)