May is a busy month

By Liz Van Leer, Development Director

May activities are like dandelions: Plentiful and popping up in multiples on every date in our spring calendars. What should be a joyful harvest of the past fall and winter efforts to form our children is instead a source of inconvenience and irritation.

Some address the challenge with a broad-spectrum treatment. They cover every practice, youth event, and meeting. They experience humbling failures such as tardiness or a child sent to school with uncombed hair and lunches and permission slips left behind. As one mom said, “It may be a hot mess but we get all the obligations met.”

Others carefully plan the obligations to be met on each day of their May calendar. Like spot treating dandelions in their yard, they spot check off each of the multiple events. They feel washed out and defeated when unpredictable weather causes changes or cancels their carefully planned schedule.

No adult is exempt from feeling out of control. The high hopes at enrollment last summer have come to maturity. The dandelions of goals not met or perfect plans that wilted distract from the successes of the year.

God is the Master Gardener. His plan – while not always understood or as pretty as we think it should be – is always the best.

May is the month of mother Mary. She must have celebrated every day of her Son’s school years. She, like us, had crowded schedules but she trusted. Undoubtedly, she received a few bouquets of dandelions and saw them as love, not as weeds.

In her example of faith and trust we look ahead. Enrolling at Sacred Heart School now is planning and planting for the future. Our harvest will not be temporary dandelions but young people well-formed and informed in a Christian environment.