Health Ministry News for May 8, 2022

Health Ministry Contacts

•          Health Ministry – Bev Wilkerson 660-473-2033

•          Bereavement Ministry – Ann Dove 660-527-3794

            Take Them a Meal – Marge Wehman 724-448-4482

•          Prayer Shawl Ministry – Rectory at 827-2311

•          Crochet & Sewing Tuesdays – Carol Schibi 660-620-3795

The Mary Month of May

For centuries, the Catholic Church has emphasized the month of May as a time of honor and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Parishes and families often celebrate with special pilgrimages, devotions, or placing a crown on a statue of Mary, traditionally called a “May Crowning.

Sacred Heart kindergarteners just crowned Mary last Tuesday morning.  It is always such a sweet and moving ceremony!

St. Vincent DePaul Parish has a new way of honoring Mary at the Giving Garden.  Dave Esser has been busy completing a rosary walk around the garden. Many kudos to Dave for his stewardship.  The garden is located just west of Sacred Heart School.  This month take some time to visit the garden and pray the rosary to honor the month of Mary. The Giving Garden provides fresh produce and berries to the Open Door Café Lunch Program. Joy Simon (660-473-1803) is always looking for volunteers to help in the garden or donate the needed vegetable plants. If you would