First Communion

By Mariela Messina, PSR Director

We are invited to celebrate and reflect on the resurrection of our Lord during the Easter Season. We see God’s gift of life in many ways, especially in the sacraments.

This weekend we celebrate First Communion with many of our young members and their families of our parish.

Many times I have taught the little ones the appropriate ways to receive Jesus, Our Lord and King in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. How to prepare their hands to receive Him by cupping one hand over the other, like a little throne for our King. And after the priest says the words: “The Body of Christ”, to respond: “Amen!” and to finally receive Him to reign our hearts.

I just wondered if my hands were that small when I first received the sacrament. Pictures of that day confirms that fact. I know, old pictures, but a joyful and precious day for me to treasure and my family as well. It continues today to be one of my most prized experiences from my times as PSR coordinator to celebrate the Eucharist.

I believe that there is nothing like the First Communion Day in a parish. For those receiving first communion, they come to church dressed in special clothes, with smiles on their faces and the faces of their families. Indeed, it is a day to remember, and, for us adults, it is a time to think about the communion we share at each and every Mass. It is a time for us to pause and think about how we receive the presence of Jesus in the form of consecrated bread and wine, as well as the witness we give to those around us.

No wonder that the celebration of First communion takes place during the Easter season. How fitting is the gospel that we heard today when Jesus asked Peter:

“Simon, son of John, do you love me?” and that we can say as Peter did, “Yes, Lord. You know that I love you.” as we step forward, extend our hands, and receive the gift of Christ.

Please, join me in prayer for the young people receiving Jesus for the first time, that this will be the first of many communions with Jesus Christ, Our Lord.