“Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed!”

By Fr. Joe Corel, Pastor
A traditional Catholic greeting between fellow believers during this Easter Season, so we as your pastors say to you, “Christ is Risen!” Let us rejoice and be glad! It is by our faith and our cooperation with God’s graces that we continue what Mary Magdalene did when she recognized the Risen Christ. She ran to tell the apostles of the risen Christ! We continue what the disciples on the way to Emmaus did when they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread. They ran to Jerusalem to tell the others of the risen Christ! What a wonderful gift the Lord has given to us in this time in history! Here at St Vincent de Paul we are so blessed to be able to tell our friends, family co-workers and neighbors of the risen Lord and then invite them to a gothic church, a country church and a multi-cultural church all of the parish of St Vincent de Paul. We literally can invite them to share in the message and Eucharist of the Risen Lord in a space that would fit their spirituality. In a world that is fraught with fear… whether the pandemic resurfaces in another variant, the beginning stages of World War III, inflation on the rise and tensions high in many families, do we let fear win or do we place our trust in the risen Christ we celebrate today; that God has become man, won the victory over sin and death and calls us to be with him through it all and celebrate his victory! We pastors invite you to tell the good news and move from fear to trust and rejoicing! So, again, “Christ is Risen!” Let us tell others; let us rejoice and be glad!