Instructions for Palm Sunday Masses

Masses with Solemn Entrance:

4:00pm at St. Patrick and 8:00am at Sacred Heart:  Anyone attending these Masses should enter the church as normal, picking up a palm from the table before going to your pew.

Masses with Processional Entrance:

All are invited to gather at the designated location.  When you arrive be sure to pick up a palm from the table at the site.  If it is difficult for you to stand or walk, you are welcome to take your place inside the chapel and await the arrival of the procession.  Hospitality ministers will likely be able to bring you blessed palms.

  • 7:30pm at St. John’s: Please Gather at the Pavilion
  • 9:00am & 11:30am at St. Patrick: Please Gather near the Rectory/Garage, whenever possible standing on pavement.
  • 10:00am at Sacred Heart: Please Gather in the Circle Drive area of Sacred Heart School

Masses with Procession: (IF VERY bad weather, all Masses will follow “Solemn Entrance”)