Senior Mission Trip:
When celebrated in Latin, the very last words
at Eucharist are: “Ite, Misa est!

By Fr. Dave Veit
As the word “Misa” started to be used as a nickname for Eucharist in many languages, it became “Mass” for us in English. I bring all this up, because the root word is Missio, from which we also get the word MISSION! Most literally, it could be translated “dismissed,” (to go and do the work of the Gospel) but it can also be translated: “GO, You are missioned!” While the church gives many options now, most of them revolve around this sense. They all revolve around the mission we have as Catholics once “dismissed” from the Holy Eucharist to follow the example given us by Jesus.
So, it is appropriate that as Catholic School, we have a “Senior Mission Trip” at SHS! Culminating between 1 and possibly 15 years of formation pre-k through 12th grade, students have an opportunity to come together one last beautiful time to “put into practice” what they have learned and lived in their time here. As a school we have been aiding them in recognizing the call to discipleship the whole time. The practice of discipleship is important enough that we don’t just ask them to put it into practice individually, but we afford them the time to do so in their Senior year — for a whole week — Glorifying God by serving in the name of Christ and at His Command.
The students discern within the reasonable parameters of distance, situation, and finances, to whom they will go on “mission.” This year’s Seniors will be on Mission in the Springfield, MO, area, with “home base” being in Branson, supporting two ministries of Catholic Charities in Springfield, MO. Life House Homeless Shelter, which is a home for homeless pregnant women, giving them a safe place during pregnancy, where they can stay for up to a year after giving birth, all the while receiving education, skills, and opportunities to become self-sufficient. We will also minister to Families is Rancho House which is a shelter specifically for homeless families.
Of course, our day is meant to be balanced with work, prayer, and recreation! Our work will be at the two locations above. Having a priest spiritual director with them on Mission means that every day the whole group will be able to celebrate Eucharist (and the chance to spiritual direction or confession if they wish), and every evening we will have a group prayer time. Finally, there are multiple opportunities for them to recreate, everything from Mini-Golf to Go Carts to exploring Branson Landing. The last full day of Mission we will join a local parish for Mass and then use a room at their church for a more in-depth, final theological reflection and prayer, and one final opportunity for recreation at Silver Dollar City. Please keep all on “Mission” in your prayers from March 21-25!