Scrip Corner for Kindness!

Next week, Sunday, February 13th through Saturday, February 19th, is Random Acts of Kindness week. Use Scrip to help spread kindness in our community!! Stop in at the school office, or at our table after Masses, to purchase low denomination gift cards. Wrap them in gift card sleeves and leave them at the library, coffee shop, restaurants, or even in your neighbor’s mailbox to bring joy to those around you. This is a great opportunity to help your kids learn the power of showing kindness to not only make another person feel good, but also to feel good themselves!!! Our next in house order during the month of February will be Tuesday, February 22nd. All orders turned into the school office by the end of school, or through the RaiseRight app by 5.p.m, will be included in the bulk order. Orders should be ready for pick-up approximately one week later. Questions? Contact Esther DeGraff at 660.827.3800 or Jen Cordia at