Scrip Corner

Our in house orders during the month of February will be Monday, February 7th and Tuesday, February 22nd.  All orders turned into the school office by the end of school, or through the RaiseRight app by 5.p.m, will be included in the orders.  Orders should be ready for pick-up approximately one week later.  

Don’t forget we have several retailers ONLY available through the office or at the Scrip table after Masses (i.e. Casey’s, Cenex, Shell, Colton’s, Kehde’s, McD,  Menards, Taco Bell, Walgreens, and VISA to name a few).  Scrip will be available after Masses on Sunday, January 30th.   Questions? Contact Esther DeGraff at 660.827.3800 or Jen Cordia at