Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

     It is with great joy that we as the pastors in solidum wish each of you a very Merry Christmas Season and New Year!  It is right to start by saying thank you to all who have thought of us by giving us gifts, cards and especially prayers!  We are also very grateful for your continued presence and active participation in all we do as a parish family!  Without us coming together to worship Sunday after Sunday, none of this would make sense or be possible, so thank you!   Please take some prayer time to offer prayers of thanksgiving for all that the Lord God has done for you, none more important than sending his Son into the world to be Son of Man, Son of God, to show us how to live to our fullest human potential, die for our sins and rise to new life so we may share in eternal life! Then, when you leave prayer after a few moments of prayer remember to show gratitude by being the disciple he has called you to be by serving others with your gifts of time, talent and treasure. As we have said, being a disciple is an invitation given to us at our baptism; when we start putting our discipleship into action – by word or deed, then we are living as a steward.  As you go forth, be the best stewards, thankful for all God has done for you and continue to live a life of gratitude.  Thank you for being here at St Vincent de Paul and for making our parish all that it can be.  Let us continue to ask the Lord how He is calling our parish to be even better and then use your gifts to make it become all that He wants it to be.  Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fr Dave and Fr Joe