SVDP Thanksgiving Dinner…Organized Chaos

By Deacon Jerry Connery

The final phase or step in planning the dinner was to bring the project to the good of the people of St. Vincent de Paul Parish. If this fell through, the dinner was off.

The dinner was DEFINITELY not off. We sent out over 720 dinners, delivery and in-person pick-up, no including meals we sent to the police and sheriff’s offices. And we had the resources to pay for the food and more. The leftovers, which were sent to and GREATLY appreciated by Open Door, filled more than 12 baskets. Jesus is proud!

I must say I never saw so many smiling people work together in such harmony. You would think they were CHRISTIANS! When we started to serve and deliver the meals, all I can say is “it was organized chaos!” I have never seen anything like it, but it works!

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus told His disciples, “Blessed are those who are or do special things”. Looking down on His disciples Thanksgiving morning, He would have to say:

Blessed are those who have many years of experience in preparing the dinner who stepped up to help us.

Blessed are those who ordered the food.

Blessed are those who moved and stored the food.

Blessed are those who fielded phone calls and developed spreadsheets.

Blessed are the students who helped us.

Blessed are those who manage the students.

Blessed are those who opened and crushed cans.

Blessed are those who cooked and prepared the food.

Blessed are those who baked cookies.

Blessed are those who bagged cookies and bread.

Blessed are those who carried and moved heavy pans and trays of food.

Blessed are those who washed and dried dishes.

Blessed are those who served the food.

Blessed are those who organized and delivered the meals.

Blessed are those who cleaned up.

Blessed are those who only Jesus knows what they did.

I was asked by a lady Thursday afternoon if doing this made me feel good. I told her “I’m to tired to feel. I’ll wait until Friday.” Friday morning, I really felt good and continue to do when I think back on this.

From the Priests and Deacons of St. Vincent de Paul, many very special thanks and God Bless You All!

(PS – I can do that)