SHS Celebrates Blessing of Pets

Animals of all shapes and sizes wagged, leaped and, slithered their way to Sacred Heart School on Monday, Oct. 4, for the annual Blessing of the Pets. Parents, faculty and elementary students gathered outside the school campus with their pets for the traditional blessing and prayer service in honor of the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment.
Students who were unable to bring their pets brought in pictures or drawings, which included fish, cats, dogs, horses, chickens, and bunnies. This year’s celebration was led by Deacon Turf Martin and Sister Mary Ruth Wand.
“It is a joy to share our faith in such a different way than we do in school or Church,” said Deacon Turf Martin who has hosted the annual Blessing of the Pets for several years. “We never know what animals will show up. We have had horses, goats, exotic birds, and a wide assortment of mammals beyond those already listed. It has been a long time since we had a Sister join us and the youth were very excited to have Sr. Mary Ruth as part of the blessing.”

Kindergarteners Leelay De Guzman and Chase Bredehoeft lay hands and love on Chuy, the family dog of Principal Abby Martin. “Chuy had the best day ever,” said. Mrs. Martin.
Fifth graders join Mrs. Michelle McDonald as her Aussiedoodle, Nala, receives a blessing from Deacon Turf Martin.