Scrip Corner

Exciting changes are afoot at Walmart.  You can now pay with gift cards when you shop using Walmart pick-up!!!  You can now earn rebates and utilize the convenience of pick-up at the same time!!!  There are two ways to use a gift card for your purchase – you can either load the gift card to your Walmart account or you can enter gift card information at checkout.  You can use physical cards purchased through the school office or after Mass, or electronic gift cards purchased through the RaiseRight app.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!!  

Don’t forget we have several retailers ONLY available through the office (i.e. Casey’s, Cenex, Shell, Colton’s, Kehde’s, McD, Taco Bell, Walgreens, and VISA to name a few).  If you can’t make it to the office, look for the Scrip table after Masses this weekend.  Questions? Contact Esther DeGraff at 660.827.3800 or Jen Cordia at