Health Ministry News

Meals to New Parents!
Camille Bawcom has organized this ministry for the last few years and thank you Camille. This position requires the volunteer to set up Take them a Meal. Please contact Bev Wilkerson 660-473-2033 if you have questions or can help with this ministry.
Next Foot Clinic is July 7!
Riki Harding LPN, CFCC will hold the next foot clinic on July 7. The clinics will be held at 618 W. 16th Street, Sedalia. This allows for better cleaning between parishioners. Please call Riki Harding at 816-797-6537 to book your Nursing Foot Clinic time slot.
June is Men’s Health Month – Happy Father’s Day to all dads
These screenings are important for men. Be sure your dad has had them
Dental – teeth cleaned every 6-12 months
Blood Pressure every 2 years starting at age 20
Cholesterol every 4-6 years starting at age 20
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm- one time for men 65-75 years old
Immunizations Tdap every 10 years, H shingles age 50, pneumonia after 65. HPV age 21 or younger. Covid 19 vaccine unless contraindicated!
Prostate screening age 50, African-Americans at age 45
Infectious disease depending on history and lifestyle
Skin exam for any skin changes or unusual moles or family history of skin cancer