Fuel Bill

The effects of February’s bitterly cold weather are still being felt in our parish. While we were able to keep our buildings warm and available, we now know it came with a price. Due to the major disruptions in the power grids and the flow of fuel across the country, our fuel bill for February for the Sacred Heart properties skyrocketed: from a typical $1200-2000 bill to $47,000.  
Obviously, this is not something we budgeted. We have reviewed our contract with our fuel provider for this chapel. While there does not appear to be any improper billing, the Diocese has been in contact with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and we are negotiating with our fuel provider to set a deferred payment plan. A close look at our 20-21 budget shows we are able to pay this unexpected bill and remain in the black.
We have been informed that the most effective means of addressing this could be action by our Missouri Legislature. If you are interested in contacting our representatives, please remind them that, for us, this is money that otherwise would have remained in our community, helping people in need, supporting our school, and keeping our parish doors open.
Our representative: Brad Politt, 573-751-9774.