Attention Music Lovers…SAVE THE DATE

Cantoring/Music Ministry Workshop
Please put Saturday, March 20th, 10 AM to 12 Noon on your calendar to attend a Cantoring / Music Ministry Workshop to be held at St. Patrick’s Chapel.
The purpose of this workshop is to share information about cantoring and music ministry. You will learn about the basics of cantoring, our priests’ expectations for music at masses, some “why-we-do things-certain-ways” information and more.
This workshop will be a fun, interactive session to help all of us in our music ministry. For those of you who have always wanted to cantor, this will be your chance to get connected with your chapel’s music leader. Anyone Junior high age or older, with an interest in Liturgical Music is invited to attend.
No pressure!!! By signing up for this workshop you are not committing to anything….we’ll have some basic guidelines to share, but we want your input on how we can make praising our Wonderful God through music even more soul-fulfilling for every member of our SVDP congregation and SH school.
Please let Dianne know if you have an interest in signing up for this workshop or have any questions.